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Your Product

MicroSurvey has been a leader in Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, and Accident Reconstruction software solutions for almost twenty years. To celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we want to hear from you!

We want to build a library of our products being utilized in the best way for you.

What is it like in the field or office? What type(s) of environment do you work in? How does your MicroSurvey product make your job easier and productive? Send us the answer in pictures with accompanying text of your MicroSurvey product being used in actual "on the job" situations. Pictures/text submitted will be considered for future marketing purposes.

What we need

We prefer "high res" digital version(s). However, if you have only print(s) then please send it/them to our mailing address. We will make a digital version and send you back the originals.

If you are taking new photos, please take some closeup shots as well as some wide angle views to show the complete surroundings. Make it real, make it dynamic!

Please include your name, some background information or brief writeup on what the image is about, year and the MicroSurvey product(s) you are using. You should also include your telephone number so we can get back to you if necessary.

How to submit your photos

Please send them to Geordie Helm

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