MapScenes Forensic CAD Training Movies

Some of these movies may have been recorded in a previous version of or even in another one of our products, but in these cases the concepts being demonstrated are identical.

For additional MapScenes Capture training movies, please see the MapScenes Capture Training Movies page.

For additional MapScenes Point Cloud training movies, please see the MapScenes Point Cloud Training Movies page.

Optionally, you can download all of the MapScenes movies to your computer for offline viewing.


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Movie Section List


Drafting Commands

CAD Editing Commands

Misc. CAD Commands

Forensic Commands

Symbol Commands


Tin, Contours, Alignment, and Cross Sections

3D Viewing Options and Materials


For additional MapScenes Capture training movies, please see the MapScenes Capture Training Movies page.

For additional MapScenes Point Cloud training movies, please see the MapScenes Point Cloud Training Movies page.




AutoMAP Overview

Making a Backup of your Entire Scene

Overview of the Labeling Defaults

Create Your own Toolbars

Overview of Layering Commands and Options

Copy/Paste line work Merge Database

Overview of Scene Analysis Command

Overview of the System Toggles and Hot Toggles

Point Protection

Protected Points

Overview of SDRMap Line Coding

Overview of XYZ Line Coding

IPN/IPD/IPE and Settings

Zoom and Pan options Regen and Redraw

Object (Entity) snaps for drawing and editing

Overview of the Drawing Settings

Overview of the Options dialog

Overview of CAD Dimensioning

Overview of the main Printing Options

Entity Properties Overview

Explorer Dialog Overview

Database Utilities Overview

Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Point Id's, Overview


Drafting Commands

Line Command

Arc Command

Circle Command

Draw and Edit a 2D Polyline

Fence-Tree-Text Lines

Draw Lines using the Dot to Dot method

BHATCH command  

Bhatch, Showing text inside of a Hatch

CAD Rectangle Command

Draw Rectangular Building Command

Draw a Multi-Sided Building, Ortho On

Create a blow-up of a drawing detail

Label Lines and Curves

Create a Table of Points

Create a Line Label Table

CADLines and CADCurves

Draw a Wipeout



CAD Editing Commands

Move Command

Copy Command

Offset / Parallel Command

Rotate Command

Align Command

Mirror Command and Variables

Trim and Extend Lines

Insert Text on Line Break Line

Insert Symbol Explode it Stretch

Modify/Edit Text Size/Orientation

Edit Length command

Delete Command


Misc. CAD Commands

Place and Edit Text and MultiLine Text

Mouse Options Edit Text, CADLines, Grips, Properties, Point Edit

Divide a Polyine with a Block

Fillet and Chamfer Commands and Variables

Layout Mode Viewport Control, Plotting

Insert a Sheet and Title Block

Zoom to a Point on Screen

Export the Drawing to a BMP file

Changing the Point Definition

Inquiry Commands from menu


Forensic Commands

Download your Collector and Import the RAW File

Draw Lines using AutoMAP

Manually Enter in a Scene Measurement File

Create an Intersection

Drawing View Rotation Match a Drawing  

Auto Add Points to Objects

Rescale the Entire Drawing, Text and Symbols

Export an ASCII Coordinate file

Baseline/Offset Point Entry

Point Entry by Distances from known Points

Convert 2D lines in the database to 3D lines

Import an EvR Scene

Import an EvR Scene with Vertical Scenes

Process Vertical Scenes from EvR

Renumber Points in the Database and on Screen

Delete Points from the Database and the Screen

Update Point Range with Labelling Default  

Query and Calculate Curves

Distance Between 2 Measured Points

Insert a Link to a Photo

Set Points along a Line or Curve

Best Fit a Line or Curve to Existing Points


Symbol Commands

How to Edit a Symbol to show Crush Damage

Insert a Symbol then Change its Color

Create a Block in this Drawing - Insert

Write a Block to the Hard Drive Insert

Create/Edit/Use Groups

Take a Symbol and Place it on a 3D plane



Generate a Point List Report

Multiple Perpendicular Ties from a Baseline

Print a RAW Collector file

Generate a Short of Long Scene Measurement Report

Active Coordinate Editor Dialog

Active Scene Measurement Dialog

Link/Insert an External Document to your Scene

Coordinate History


Tin, Contours, Alignment, and Cross Sections

Import an ASCII Coordinate file

Connect the Points via XYZ Coding

Create a Surface, Show the TIN

Draw a Boundary, Draw Contours

Drape a Line, Generate a Profile

Create an Alignment, Profile, Cross sections

Save and Reload Surface Files



3D Viewing Options and Materials

Render Window

Render Options





(MapScenes Forensic CAD animations only. For MapScenes Capture animations click here.

Start Scene Insert Raster image Draw Order

Insert Symbols Move and Rotate

Create Animation