PointCloud CAD Movies

Some of these movies may have been recorded in a previous version of or even in another one of our products, but in these cases the concepts are identical.

Optionally, you can download all of the MicroSurvey CAD/inCAD and PointCloud CAD movies to your computer for offline viewing. (Unzip them into the same folder, anywhere on your computer.)


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Movie Section List

Point Cloud




COGO Commands

Batch COGO

Various CAD Commands

Various Line Commands

Survey Editing Commands

Misc. Survey Commands

Survey Drawing Commands

Raster Images

Surface Modeling & Contours

Volume Calculations

Data Collectors/Traverses

AutoRoute Examples

Area Calculations

Subd. Lot/House Design

Tables and Ties



Point Cloud Movies

Point Cloud Open

Pan and Zoom Controls

Generate Data Points

Generate Linework

View Options

Cutting Cubes

Profile Slices

Reference Planes

Generate Surface from Point Cloud

Grid Survey - Generate Bare Earth Points

Conversion Utility

Merge Point Cloud Files

Convert PTS to PCI

Draw and Viewing Shortcuts

Automatic Road Line Extraction (Parking Lot)

Automatic Road Line Extration (Highway)


Animation Movies

Animation Overview


Direction Track

Pitch Track

Roll Track

Visibility Track

Animated Cameras

Static Cameras

Record Movies

Velocity Markers and Time Graph

Working With Large Symbols


Set Origin

Path Control



How to Register your Program

Start the program and overview

Labeling Default Dialog Overview

Hot Toggles explained

MicroSurvey Assistant Overview

AutoMAP Library Overview

CADLines and CADCurves and AUTOP

MSBackup Routine

Database Utilities Overview

Numeric and Alpha-Numeric Point IDs Overview

Create / load your own Custom Toolbars

Plot Dialog Configuration - Plot Drawing

3D Rendering Overview

Configure Dialog

Layout Mode Overview

Convert FLX to DWG using batch processing

Entity Properties Overview

Explorer Dialog Overview


AutoCAD .DWG to MicroSurvey CAD

AutoCAD 2008 DWG to MicroSurvey CAD 2008

AutoAdd Points to Objects

Export Points to ASCII, FieldGenius, or Data Collector file

Uploading to FieldGenius

Open and see the job in FieldGenius

Saving MicroSurvey Data in Other Formats


COGO Commands

Start COGO - Enter new Point - Bearing Distance entry

Turned Angle entry

2 Pnt Inverse

Bearing - Bearing Intersection

Distance - Distance Intersection

3 Pnt Inverse

Bearing - Distance Intersection

Deflection Angle entry

Bearing Offset entry

Bearing + Angle entry

Distance entry as a Formula

Distance - Angle Intersection

Curve entry

Distance - Distance Intersection

Bearing Rotation option

Distance Scaling entry options

Enter a Lot using Azimuths



Batch COGO

Batch COGO - new batch, lot entry

Batch COGO - finish lot entry

Batch COGO - house corners

Batch COGO - edit and rerun

Batch COGO - continue and edit again



Various CAD Commands


How To draw a Line

How To draw an Arc

How to Draw and Edit a Polyline (2D vs 3D)

How To Trim a Line or Arc

Another Example of the Trim command

The Move command

Extending Lines and Arcs

Offset, 1 side or both

Offset a house and Hatch the house footprint

Boundary Hatch to Exclude Text

Copy Object Properties

Fillet Lines and Polylines

Scale objects up or down in size

Place and Move Text, Break Line

Erase Selected

3D Viewing and Shade/Render

Zooming and Panning Options

OLE - ADT coordinates to Excel to an embedded table

Insert DWG

Symbol Librarian

Draw a Wipeout

Edit Length Command

Delete Command

Changing the Point Definition

Inquiry Commands

Spell Checker



Various Line Commands

Fence Line

Text Line

Tree Line

Parking Stalls

Right of Way

Join Points by Range

Best Fit Line

Best Fit Curve

Split the backlines of a block into short segments

X,Y,Z Coding Linework Generation

SDRMap Linework Generation



Survey Editing Commands

Active Coordinate Editor (Overview)

Rescale Complete Drawing

Rotate - CAD Method

Rotate - Survey Method

Rotate - ADT Method

Surveyors View

Labeling Default Rotation to match the View

Rotate Translate Shift and Scale

Mouse options - CADLines/Curves Text Editing

Point Editing options


Misc. Survey Commands

Check Layer Conversion

Coordinate History

Protected Points

Compute Stakes

Stake Out Report

List Points Used/Unused + ADT List

Zoom to a Point

Curve Problem Solver

MS Text Dialog

Independent Point options and Settings


Group Manager Multi-Point and ADT Selection/Editing

Map Check - Closure Report

Transfer Points Between MicroSurvey Jobs

Helmert's Transformation

Transform database from NAD27 to NAD83

Other Program Ties

Feature File Support


Survey Drawing Commands

Sheet and Title Block insertion

Copy and Paste between 2 drawings

Create a Detail Blowup of part of the Drawing

Mapping Grid command

Labeling Lot Numbers

Labeling Bearings, Distance, Curves, Text on Arc


Data Collectors/Traverses

Download and Import from FieldGenius

Download and Import from SDR33

Export Points to SDR20 Data Collector file

Upload points to the SDR20 Collector

Import RW5 Collector File

Manually Enter a Traverse

Draw, Coordinate and get Closure on Traverse

Angular and Compass Adjustments

New Existing Point Traverse

Least Squares Adjustment

ASCII import



Area Calculations

Area using point numbers

Fast Areas

Sliding Bearing Area and Fastarea

Swing into a Curve Area and Fastarea


Subdivision Lot/House Design


Design a House and place House on Lot

Create a Block and Subdivide into Lots

Place Houses on Lots, Generate Reports


Tables and Ties

Multiple radial ties and Table

Multiple Perpendicular Ties

Curve Table

House Ties

Coordinate Table

Line Table


Raster Images

Insert and manipulate Raster image

Placing and Clipping a Geo-referenced TIF


Surface Modeling & Contours

Import an ASCII file


Extract Points and Breaks to a Surface - TIN

Draw Tin - 3D Rendering

Contour Settings and Draw

Create a Boundary, redo contours

Contour Linetype, Labeling, 2 Options, Smoothing

Save the Surface File

AutoSite Design

Drape and Flatten



3D Offset

Intersect Slope


Volume Calculations

Importing Fieldwork for Volumes

Creating and Viewing Surfaces

Volumes using the Area Method

Verifying Area Method Volume Results

Volumes using the Surface Method

Save the Job and Surfaces


AutoRoute Examples

Import ASCII file

Create Surface TIN

Horizontal Alignment with Spiral-Curve-Spiral

Cross Section Template Design

Design Vertical Alignment - Apply Template

Render the Surface

Label Horizontal Alignment

Extract Cross Sections

Plot Cross Section Sheet

Sewer Layout

STA/OFF/RIM and Tagging

Structure Table - AutoProfile

Save Drawing and Surfaces