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Postby SAS » Thu Aug 12, 2004 3:30 pm

I am running FG XG(2) and the manual i have does not show a Line Layer scenario, but my working application has one. the problem i'm having is editing automap attributes and from what i understand (from videos) when i change ..say marker type or line colour the change is automatic...but it isn't ..always...if i connect with a line colour should it change all previous data to my request? it doesn't...does the line layer have some relevance to this function? i have no info on what a line layer does.. also going from project to project my csv library remains as it should but the toggles tell me that the functions i'm wanting are on but not doing what i want...i.e. draw a coloured line b'twn my markers... ah what to do? i just want some coloured lines...thanx in advance SAS

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