Program crashed - recover autosave

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Program crashed - recover autosave

Post by camland » Mon Jul 10, 2006 9:44 am

Hi All,

I was adding points to my linework and the program kicked me out. My autosave is on, but I cannot get back my points. Is this autosaved somewhere. (the points, not the drawing)?


Glen Cameron
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Database files

Post by Glen Cameron » Mon Jul 10, 2006 10:20 am

As you add points to a job they are automatically saved in a working folder with the extension MSJ.

If you crashed out of the program the MSJ folder would have been left open and would automatically be access and used when a new job of the same name was opened (or the old job reopened).

When you manually save or exit, this folder is saved into a file with the extension MSD. This MSD file is your database file. If you open a DWG file and a MSD file exists then the database is there. I would open the drawing via the MicroSurvey Project Manager and turn the option on to "Audit Drawing and Database on Load" then pick the drawing name and open it.

If the MSD file does not exist, look for a MBK file. If it exists it can be renamed to MSD and used appropraitely.

If the MSJ folder, MSD file and MBK files are all not found, then you have no database file.

If the Drawing has the points showing in it - we may be able to rebuild the MSD file from the drawing. With no MSD file existing, open the drawing with the Audit option turned on (as mentioned above), and a new MSD file will be created from the points in the drawing.

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