trimming lines (before 2008?)

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trimming lines (before 2008?)

Postby artb » Wed Nov 07, 2007 4:05 pm

Originally I sent in these comments where requests were made for comments ala 2008. Although this subject was dealt with in that section I agree with the MS staff that it wasn't really in the right location so I am re-inserting my comments to relate to the older versions of MSCAD.

Others may find out solution to eliminate the need to trim lines useful where survey posts have been inserted in front of or behind lines on the drawing..

Our solution works for older versions of 2001,2002, mscad2005. The versions before mscad2005 didn't have the draw order command but you could still make the process work by inserting the monuments after all the other lines were in the drawing.

We utilized the color 255 (non printing) to modify the survey blocks of MS that had a transparent area in the block. We replaced the MS blocks with ours and now our modified blocks are inserted instead of the MS blocks. The non printing color hides the lines that are behind the block. (Voila the lines appeared to be trimmed).

The only additional step you may need to take is to set the inserted blocks in front with the "DRAW ORDER" option (mscad2005) in order to guarantee that all lines that you want hidden are behind the blocks.
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