seconds in labels

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seconds in labels

Postby Vincent Popish » Mon Oct 13, 2003 10:57 am

Just a note about something I noticed. If you set the angular units to show decimal places on seconds, under drawing setup, then label a line that has 00 seconds, it labels the line as having 60 seconds and leaves off the last direction call. Thus a line might be labeled N89°9'60" 0 instead of N89°10'00"E. This is true even if the labeling default is set to rounding of 1 for bearings.
Vince Popish
Vincent Popish
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decimal seconds

Postby Glen Cameron » Tue Oct 14, 2003 8:25 am

The labeling routines were not written to allow for decimal seconds. Being this was not written into the routine, I can understand the output you got.

I will ensure it is added to the list for the programmers, so it can be fixed in the future.

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