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Active point editor

Postby Michael Parrella » Wed Mar 24, 2004 4:56 am

In MSCADD 2002 when I tagged a point the active point editor popped up which allowed me to see all the points in the database. In MSCADD 2004 when I tag a point only the individual point editor pops up and it appears that the only way to see all the points is to access the active editor from the puldown menu. Is there something different between these 2 versions?
Michael Parrella
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ADT Coordinates

Postby Glen Cameron » Wed Mar 24, 2004 6:34 am

By default, the single point editor is coming up BUT you can change this to the ADT spread sheet format, if you desire.

Go to the Toggles button on the option bar -> Pick on the Dialogs tab -> Turn the Single Point Editor toggle off.

Or, if you have the ADT spread sheet open - go under the Select menu -> Use Single Point Editor, turn it off.

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