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Help for Automap

Post by Stephen_P » Mon Mar 28, 2005 2:34 pm

i) I wanna put an automap sign to a point where three lines intersect. I setup trim option with the automap, but only two lines are trimed , what's going on with it?
ii) If I copy a drawing to other machines, how I carry printing setup with
this file. I setup linework width using configuration in print menu.

Thanks a lot.

Glen Cameron
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AutoMAP stuff and Printing Configuration Files

Post by Glen Cameron » Tue Mar 29, 2005 5:38 am

1) If a line does not stop at the same point as the symbol is inserted at and trimming, in other words the line passes by hte point - then the trim option does not work on that line. Only smart lines that start or end at that point are affected. (Smart lines are lines in our database, normally from COGO inverses.)

2) The printer configuration is not contained in the drawing. If you are going to another machine with MSCAD on it then set this computer up the same as the original for the line widths. You can copy the PRINT.CFG file from the \MSCAD2004\CFG folder, if you wish, as this is the file that contains the printer configuration. This will only work with MSCAD so if you are saving to go to AutoCAD, then you would have to record your settings and have the AutoCAD person set his/her copy up to replicate the settings manually.

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