AutoCad Points ver. 2002

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AutoCad Points ver. 2002

Post by raconsultnv » Sat May 07, 2005 7:45 am

I was transmitted a auto "yuk" dwg. file. when I opened it to work with it there were no corresponding " normal point nodes" visiable, nor the normal layer description. The next mornig I questioned the" teckie" and he said, "oh, yes there were point numbers and nodes in the drawing." He opened the same file and showed me the point numbers and the none visable nodes. This is auto "yuk" with their version of softdesk. The point numbers and information was on layer zero. I exploded the complete file the night before and nothing showed up ..... is there any way MS2004 can reconize this information.
My wish list item for the year is to - under the auto symbol routine - be able to associate a symbol (3D) with a point description, "node", and have the symbol (3D) attach to the node at the Z location. I work in 3D,... pipe, curbs,sidewalk, and major and minor road projects. I then ride the rail from point to point with D View and can see the difference from design location to staked location, different colored "pings". This is a great way to check field staking and more important a great tool for presentation to the client or owner. I can D View from PI to PI inside the pipe on a days staking in a matter of minutes ...... this would be very useful if you could make it happen .....

Thanks as always

Glen Cameron
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Post by Glen Cameron » Sun May 08, 2005 5:17 pm

It sounds like they are using LDD and have it set to use and create their new point information rather than the older standard point blocks. The newer format uses proxies and we can not understand them (I don't think anyone can, or at least very few). They would need to supply you with either a drawing containing the Point Blocks that LDD used to produce automatically (and now have to be specifically requested and manaully set), or they should send you an ASCII point file that you can read in.

The 3D symbol option is not as easy to program as it may seem. MSCAD2005 now has the option to automatically orient a 2D symbol via the AutoMAP routine. So we are moving forward, but I would not expect 3D symbols for a while yet!

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