Plotting Issue

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Plotting Issue

Postby GEM » Mon Jun 20, 2005 5:51 am

I have come across a problem plotting a particular sheet of a design I am working on. There are six sheets in the design with only 2 of the sheets having view ports. The first sheet with a view port plotted ok. However, the 2nd sheet has a large heavy dark swath of dense printing across a portion of the vew port (it is in an area different from the area displaying ok on the 1st sheet). It seems that the I can isolate the offending layer by turning it off before going into print mode. The offending material does not dsiplay in model space but only in paper space. The real bad issue is that I reloaded the data and drawing files and the issue came up on the reloaded files. I tried to copy and switch layers for the needed info but this did'nt help. It seems like the problem came up after I had exploded 2 plines and rotate a portion of the 2 exploded lines on the offending layer. Any help would be grealty appreciated. I am behind the eight ball on this one and it is tough to have the design done but ntot be able to plot the drawings.


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plotting issue

Postby Glen Cameron » Mon Jun 20, 2005 6:05 am

Please email me the drawing and database files, so I can examine them.

[email protected]

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