Difficulty with the build surface command

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Difficulty with the build surface command

Postby Dave » Mon Feb 10, 2003 9:12 am

I'm attempting to establish a new surface plane with 3 points using the build surface command (under the modeling menu). When I attempt this I get an error "GHJBNSLPR". No problems with other modeling commands.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Dave Hanley
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Postby Glen Cameron » Mon Feb 10, 2003 9:28 am

That command was actually removed from the program back in Version MSCAD2001. It was not removed from the help file, in error, and appears it was accidently added back to the pulldown menu.

If and when the programmers can add it back in and have it working, they will do so.

Until then you will have to create a surface by extracting points and breaklines, as appropriate.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
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Glen Cameron
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