toolbars, aliases and automap library - what files?

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toolbars, aliases and automap library - what files?

Postby Teresa » Fri Nov 28, 2003 7:28 am

I am setting up a demo of InCAD on one of the computers in our office (it currently has Express on it.)

I have set up toolbars, aliases, automap library etc that I like very much on my personal computer and want to have the exact same setup on this other computer.

What files/folders should I nab from my computer to put on the new one in order to achieve this?

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Postby Jason Poitras » Fri Nov 28, 2003 8:28 pm

Hi Teresa,

1) Your Automap libraries will be found in: Program Files/Autocad R200#/MSCAD

2) Your Alias commands will be in a file named Acad.pgp. It will be found in: Program Files/Autocad R200#/Support

3) Acad Toolbars that have been customized should be found in a file called Acad.mnc. It will be in: Program Files/Autocad R200#/Support
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