Stakeout trouble

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Stakeout trouble

Postby ergols1727 » Tue Apr 13, 2004 5:30 am

When you create a stakeout list and start setting out the points you may have a shot that you want to change the rod/target height on. After you complete that shot and move on to the next point on the list the modified rod/target height has been changed back to the height that was in place when you first started the stakeout!! The target height has to been changed for every stakeout point, even though you may be entering the same height over and over again!!? Normally in a data collector the procedure is that the height remains the same as the last entered value. The stakeout routine in this program keeps re-setting the height back to the original height. This could be a real disaster for someone using this program when they're used to the normal practice of having the last entered height value maintained.

Postby Jason Poitras » Tue Apr 13, 2004 6:02 am


I'm not sure how you're getting the target height to change for every shot, it isn't designed to do that. When you start staking from a staking list and you change the target height it will keep using that height for the length of your current staking session. This means as long as you don't close the staking dialog, and let the routine automatically cycle through your list the target height will not be changed.

However, everytime you exit and restart the radial stakeout routine it will use the current target height from the TH button.
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Postby ergols1727 » Fri Apr 16, 2004 9:44 am

Sometimes the stakeout window is closed accidently, going out to the stake list window. This happens routinely in the key pressing frenzy that is part of the field environment. For some reason leaving the staking window causes the "genius" to forget the last rod height entered. I'm not sure why this would happen since the use of the data collector sometimes involves utilizing different areas of the program to address situations as they may come up. The operator would/does expect their last rod height entry to be held as the last value they changed it to. This characteristic makes the operator question what the program is doing to rod height and/or other settings as they move about the different areas of the program. Curious.

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