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Solid Hatch

Postby zubler » Wed Apr 28, 2004 5:29 am

I brought an Autocad 2002 dwg with solid hatching into Mscad 2002. All the solid hatching disapeared. When I was done working in Mscad I saved it in acad format. I then opened it in Autocad... All the solid hatching was gone. To make matters worse when I import anything with solid hatching the hatching disapears. When I copied the object with the hatching into another dwg the hatching is there. Is there a system varibable in Mscad that is responsible for viewing hatches?

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Postby Glen Cameron » Wed Apr 28, 2004 6:18 am

I just created a drawing in AutoCAD 2002 and saved the DWG. Then I opened MSCAD2002 and opened the DWG. The solid patterns looked perfectly correct in my drawing. I also opened the same DWG in MSCAD2004, same situation.

If you have an example that is not working, I would like to get a copy of the original DWG to see if I can duplicate your results in 2002 and see if this is an issue with 2004 as well.

If you have the DWG, please email it to me at [email protected] along with any details or instructions I may need to reproduce this issue.

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Solid hatch disappears

Postby cathy » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:18 am

We have a whole bunch of flx drawings that we want to convert to dwg's, but we are a problem with the solid hatching. The flx's were created in MSCAD2002, but when we save them as dwg files all the solid hatching disappears. Any suggestions for a solution? (I open the dwg files in MSCAD2005)
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