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Help File Error

Postby CT » Wed Aug 11, 2004 5:06 pm

Having trouble getting my HELP screen to come up. I keep getting an error message of "Cannot find or load the file RoboEx32.dll. This file should be copied to C:\WINDOWS\System 32 or a directory in your PATH" & "Error exists in your Help file. Contact your application vendor for an updated Help file (1024)." Any suggestions?

I was trying to search the help file to see if you can toggle a setting to use the ENTER key to move from field to field, while manually entering a traverse, instead of the TAB key (hate using TAB--want to be able to use number key pad only--it's faster). Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated~thanks much.

Carl Turner
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Postby Darcy Detlor » Wed Aug 11, 2004 5:21 pm


The robo32ex.dll file is part of the help system. Many programs use this dll, and many programs try to install it. Windows keeps a counter on shared dlls so a program can decide whether to remove a shared dll.

Some programs do not track these properly, so when you un-install them, they remove all the dlls that they install. Another program has hijacked the dll when you un-installed it.

MicroSurvey uses Installshield to handle installation and removal of our software, so we track the dlls correctly. The solution is to run the setup program for MicroSurvey CAD again and choose repair. This should replace any missing dlls. If this does not work, then the only solution is to un-install the program and re-install it.

With regards to the TAB vs. Enter key, most of the dialog entry requires a TAB key. Only the lot drawing and closure calculation programs accept an enter key to speed entry.
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Postby CT » Wed Aug 11, 2004 6:02 pm

Darcy~thanks for the reply. I'll try the re-install/repair route for the help issue. Regarding moving between fields with the ENTER key, is there anyway that option could be added to a future release? I think any data entry that is mostly numeric should be capable of being done from the numeric key pad only. I know a few surveyors who won't consider a surveying program that won't allow for data entry from the numeric key pad--may be worth considering. Thanks Darcy.

Carl Turner
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Thanks Darcy

Postby CT » Wed Aug 11, 2004 6:13 pm

That fixed the help problem~thanks again.

Carl Turner
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Postby Jerry Johnson » Thu Aug 12, 2004 2:29 am

I take it the numeric pad question refers to the manual entry of field traverse notes. I agree! I realize that this would require you to diable the default OK button, which would then have to be tabbed or mouse picked, but that is at the end of the sequence so it's not critical to be looking at the field notes at that juncture.

Regarding numeric pad input, I have a lisp routine I wrote for inputting Record map data or deeds, etc. This uses the numeric pad exclusively;

1..4 Quad, hh.mmss, dist
5 Continue last bearing (good for droping pts along fronts or backs), dist
6..7 turned angle left or right (good for 90's), angle, dist
8..9 tangent arc clockwise or counter, radius, delta
80..90 non-tangent arcs, radius, delta

Didn't make it # pts. I just use auto-add when needed. If anyone is interested post to let me know.

Jerry Johnson

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