Traverse Adjustment

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Traverse Adjustment

Postby Cade Brown » Mon Nov 15, 2004 10:51 am

I have traverse file with Station lines denoting my closed traverse in ATE (active traverse editor). At the end of this traverse I went back and set up on some of my traverse points to set some posts and these are denoted in ATE as occupied points. The angular adjustment routine then goes through and adjusts my traverse points and then moves the traverse points I used as occupied points again, all the other points are ok. The Point protection is disables during this routine so you can't even see that it has moved points by over 100 meters. My occupied points are on, what should be adjusted traverse points, and not moved during this routine. Help would be appreciated. I've sent this file to Glen to look at and received back an adjusted file but all the occupied points were stripped out and only traverse points used in the adjustment. This really is a slow and tedious process if you can only adjust the traverse points and then you have to manually adjust you occupied points.
Cade Brown
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Postby Cade Brown » Mon Nov 15, 2004 11:43 am

After looking at the traverse file a bit more it appears to be adjusting my occupied points, which are at the end of the file, from my last traverse setup.

1000 136°48'20" 329.065 5970792.669 501719.705 --> 800
1000 302°25'29" 516.019 5970894.948 501558.693 --> 950
1000 359°39'35" 651.706 5971198.507 501856.926 --> 600
1000 97°40'25" 651.703 5971198.504 501856.931 --> 713
1000 228°26'29" 629.564 5971170.973 501825.871 --> 714
1000 359°39'22" 651.704 5971198.505 501856.926 --> 700
1000 359°37'59" 610.572 5971157.000 501857.155 --> 715
1000 322°22'38" 139.439 5970663.210 501859.819 --> 1050

These are the points that have been moved from their adjusted positions and are all backsites and sideshots from Occupied points.
Cade Brown
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Postby Glen Cameron » Mon Nov 15, 2004 12:48 pm

One of the miss conceptions that people have about the Occupied Point is that they can use it anywhere to pickup points and the setup will not be used in the traverse closure and adjustment calculations.

The occupied point was programmed for 1 case only - it is meant to be a setup on a sideshot, backsighting the original setup on the traverse, to pick up additional sideshots.

If used in this fashion, the occupied point will not be included in any travese closure calculations.

If you use the Occupied Point option to setup on a traverse point that is part of the traverse, then you will have problems with the closure calculations.

In a case like this we recommend that you make a copy of the traverse file - in the original traverse file, delete all of the occupied points and the side shots taken from them. In the copy, delete all of the original setups and leave the occupied points and their sideshots.

Then coordinate the main traverse - do the closure - adjust as you desire.
Then coordinate the traverse file containing the occupied points and its side shots only - this will use the adjusted coordinates as the bases of the occupied point setup and the side shots will be correct based upon the adjusted traverse.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.
City of North Bay, Ontario
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Postby Cade Brown » Wed Nov 17, 2004 11:12 am

Thanks Glen,

The method you posted worked perfectly. Just a bit copying and editing of raw files and it worked.
Cade Brown
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