RTK Staking ---- Dynamic View???

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RTK Staking ---- Dynamic View???

Postby surveyjoe » Tue Feb 28, 2006 11:11 pm

I tried staking with GPS RTK and srt FG2006 to "dynamic".

I like the way the solid blue motion triangle stays moving toward the top of the screen.

What does the red arrow indicate that covers the middle of the screen? I don't see anything in the manual that explains dynamic view RTK staking.

Wouldn't it be better to remove the red arrow, keep the solid blue triangle oriented to the top of the screen and have the map rotate?

The gold dot and the triangle connected with the dashed blue line is a very good indicator of which way to change direction to get to the point being staked, but doesn't the red arrow just confuse the situation?

Hand held GPS units (Garmin) show the direction of travel towards the top of the screen with the point rotating around the user. The bearing and distance to the point is also shown.

How about removing the red arrow and showing the Azimuth, Bearing, Cut/Fill and Distance to the point with the blue triangle connected to the point with the blue dashed line and forget the rotating compass with the red arrow.

This sure would make dynamic RTK staking more simple.

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Postby Jason Poitras » Wed Mar 01, 2006 3:33 pm


This is a feature that we consider to be work in progress. The red arrow is supposed to point in the direction you should move to get to your stake point. The blue outer circle spins around your cursor and is supposed to help you determine which way north is relative to your current direction of travel.

Currently this isn't 100% functional, but it can be used to determine where north is.
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Postby surveyjoe » Wed Mar 01, 2006 4:14 pm

I understand.

Maybe you could remove the "red arrow" and all the "red writing" on the screen until Dynamic works as it should.

As it stands now, the red arrow does not indicate the direction to travel and the IN/OUT LEFT/RIGHT does not give accurate information. The red arrow will usually point in some arbitrary direction that has nothing to do with the direction to travel. Plus, the red arrow covers a lot of the screen and is quite confusing and in the way.

The rotating compass is good and the map rotating around the triangle pointed up the screen is great. The HD info is accurate.

How about removing the red arrow and displaying the azimuth and clock direction to the point along with the cut/fill and HD.

Nothing more is needed to stake a point with dynamic view.

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