Two users opening the same dwg on a network at the same time

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Two users opening the same dwg on a network at the same time

Postby Ron Mak » Wed Aug 16, 2006 4:06 am

We are running about 20 computers on a network with about a dozen MSCad 2005 SP1.3 users. Normally, if someone has a dwg open with MSCad and someone else tries to open it, a dialogue box pops up informing the user that the file is currently open on another machine, so you can only open it as "read only". This works even if someone has the file open in AutoCad.

On the rare occaision though (4 times a year), the system fails and two operators are able to achieve write access to the same file. Disaster usually follows shortly thereafter (crash, changes lost, one a couple occaisions, the dwg file is lost - thank God for backups!). We have never had this problem with other applications (autocad, word, etc.). Has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps it can be passed on to the intellicad people to add to their bug list.
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