other bugs fixed in 2008??

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other bugs fixed in 2008??

Postby artb » Wed Aug 01, 2007 11:30 am

I experience numerous crashes when an autosave is interjected in the middle of some routines. My take on it is that when the auto save interrupts some routine in progress the program is not returned properly to where it was at the instant it was interrupted thus making it impossible to continue. It can end up in never never land. (voila --- crash)

Similar situations may occur (not with the same dire consequences) when you insert a pan or shifting of the screen location while in the middle of a traverse routine. You may need to pan the screen to see a number in order to complete the calculation except that your program often inserts a message that it doesn't understand the request when you try to enter the next piece of information as it apparently is no longer in the original routine.

It appears that some different program manouvres are needed in order to return the program to the exact position it was in before the interruption occured once the inserted action is completed.

Have these issues been dealt with in 2008?
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