Instant crash - try this

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Instant crash - try this

Postby Gord » Thu May 01, 2008 12:59 pm

Okay, in wondering if the problem I have is specific to my system, here's a little something to try. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DRAWING SAVED!

MSCAD 2008 SP1.1
Using either the text editor or even notepad or any program for that matter, copy a string of text that begins with at least two spaces. When at the command prompt, hit Ctrl+V (standard paste shortcut) and see what happens.

My program goes absolutely squirrelly and the only way to get it back to normal is through luck. Restart the program and all is normal. Sometimes comes back just from doing a fast zoom in/out with the scroll wheel. I want to know if my 'puter is the problem or if this is with MSCAD..... so who's ready to be a guinea pig?
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Postby ianw2 » Thu May 01, 2008 4:29 pm


When I drop the " test" string into a blank Command Line, I get "Unable to recognize command. Please try again."

When I drop the " test" string into a Single Line Text, the Command Line freaks out, but a CTRL-X stopps the flicker action.

When I drop the " test" string into a Multiline Text Box, its accepted and nothing untoward happens.

Am I missing something?

Oh...CTRL-X was an old time keyboard fix to stop anything running in real time. Still seems to work!

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Postby Gord » Fri May 02, 2008 4:07 am

Are you running MSCAD 2008?
Ctrl+X on mine is 'cut items to clipboard'.

Being new to using MSCAD regularly I'm learning some new things. I didn't know Spacebar is same as hitting enter at the command line, repeats last command. By inserting a line of text starting with many spaces using Ctrl+V at the command line, my program acts the same as if you hold down <Enter> repeating the same command over and over and over but it's tough to get it to stop.

No I don't randomly try to crash this thing, was inserting a line of text with about 30 spaces followed by a notation for scale bars and accidentally hit Ctrl+V after canceling the text edit box to find this gem.
Could be that I'm running Windows 2000?
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