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Postby Richard Sands » Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:44 pm

Not sure how many are aware but if in selecting points with 'Only Show Selected ' ON and whilst those points are selected one deletes the points (EDIT/DELETE SELECTION) Then every point between the lowest to the highest gets deleted.
So if one selects by that method 100,101,102 and 500,501,502 then 'delete selection', ALL points from 100 - 502 get deleted.
This may be a known bug but not sure how many 'Users' know.

This does need fixing please.
Richard Sands
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Postby Brian Sloman » Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:43 pm

Hi, I looked into this this afternoon and confirmed the following expected behaviour...

When the Only Show Selected option is turned on, points are selected using the entire database not just from the current view. So for example Select All will selects all points in your database, not all points displayed in the current view. As such, deleting or editing them will affect All Points. Similarly when Shift-Clicking two rows to select all that come between them, it behaves like entering in other areas of the program, so it selects all points within that range, not just those displayed in the view. When Ctrl-Clicking several rows to select them, i did not experience anything unusual or unexpected - But remember that if you do a Select All then ctrl-click to unselect some rows, there are still some points that are not in the view.

Best advice is that whenever you change the selection, just toggle the Only Show Selected option off then back on again and it will refresh the view so that the updated selection set is visible, and then there won't be any surprises.
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Postby Richard Sands » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:46 pm

Brian this doesn't make sense to me in the following application.
I would expect if I select by window crossing and run a box around a group of points in one part of the drawing then zoom out and into another part and select by running a box around another group of points then when I hit delete points in the edit menu then ONLY those selected points should get deleted.
I wouldn't expect the entire range of points from the lowest number in one selction window to the largest in the other selction window to get the flick.
To my way of thinking, with show only selected points this should not influence the behaviour of the program to delete or edit the points.
I haven't tried it again, (can't just now) but I am sure using this same routine I can edit the Descriptions of only those selected points.
That is a routine I have used on many occasions and am sure I would have noticed any odd behaviour.
That would come from a Sort by Description, then mouse select in the table from the top to bottom the so-named descriptions. That would not be a consecutive numbering and would have many 'gaps' in the point numbers.

I am not using the editor to select points within the table displayed for my Delete option.

Maybe we are thinking differently on how this is happening?
Richard Sands
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