Active Coord-Traverse Window and oddities

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Active Coord-Traverse Window and oddities

Postby Richard Sands » Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:51 pm

I have both open and Cascaded.
The Window is just sitting on the screen and not parked to left/ right etc.
If I start a new traverse the small screen asking for input gets hidden behind the Window (ADT).
I sat there wondering why nothing was happening when I started a new traverse, then moved the ADT window to find the Traverse entry waiting for input in small dialogue box behind ADT.
Could this be fixed please as it needs to jump to the front as in other commands where current operations take precedence.

Also whilst on topic, not much room for detail on each traverse file. Room for explanation would be useful.
Manual traverses don't have instruments or field crew and yes they can be used, but its pretty restrictive.

There is also a disconuity when adding data and get to end of sideshot line and use Ctrl H (Add shot). I would expect it to jump to the first field but it just adds the line and the cursor stays in current position when command invoked.
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Re: Active Coord-Traverse Window and oddities

Postby Brian Sloman » Tue Mar 01, 2011 7:39 pm

Hi Richard,

What operating system are you using? A few years ago we were seeing a lot of cases like this where a dialog would not pop up to the front when expected. After much hair-pulling we discovered it was only a problem in Vista, and did not affect XP (or 7 later on when it came out). And yes, I do enjoy being able to blame Microsoft for a Windows bug that propogates through to our software!

You can add as many Note records as you want within your Traverse, using Edit | Add Note.

The issue when Adding Shots has been recorded in our bug tracking system, but is not high-priority since the command does still function despite the annoyance.
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Re: Active Coord-Traverse Window and oddities

Postby Richard Sands » Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:31 pm

Win 7 Pro 32 bit.

I run 2 screens but in this instance all was on the primary screen.

I find the issue of losing focus in other areas 2010.
One will invoke a command and then have to move the mouse to the box, command line to start working.
Can't be more specific just now - will keep my eye on that side.

Re the notes in traverse.
I was referring to the start of traverse before one inputs data.
I find its useful to be able to read what the traverse is all about - 'West boundary SP135425' egs, before opening the traverse.
Bit like the FG projects - be nice to see what a file is about before actually opening it.
Maybe an 'Info' button or something would be useful. Right Click and 'About', 'Properties' etc.
Richard Sands
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