How do the survey a wall and show contour line?

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How do the survey a wall and show contour line?

Postby Peter G » Thu Apr 03, 2014 7:04 am

Does anyone have any ideas have I could survey a RC wall, and then as an elevation show contours to a to a datum so that I have a +15mm line and then a -10 line? To show how bad the wall is. And also then to work a volume to then render it plumb. And it's very bad! I have FieldGenius, so I did know how best to do it, most of the the work in FG, or just survey in FG and do all the editing and work in MS CAD?


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Re: How do the survey a wall and show contour line?

Postby Richard Sands » Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:16 pm

somehow flip the wall on its side and model that.
Then do any surface correction with that and if the same point numbers are kept intact the deviations from surface to surface will be the differences to use in correcting the vertical wall.
That's just my initial thoughts that haven't progressed to the next stage - how to do that?
There must be a way, but have some overdue deadlines otherwise would have a play.
Surveying would be the easy part.
Or could you stand back and establish a base line for the wall and create a vertical plane and get offsets from that plane in FG. Stake a vertical plane and report from that?
Not sure if FG handles that.
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Re: How do the survey a wall and show contour line?

Postby Allsite » Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:48 pm

I have done something similar before.
First I had to get my wall running from West to East.
Export the the data to a spreadsheet.
Swap the North Coordinates for the Elevations and the Elevations become your North coordinates.
This will effectively lay the wall on its side and it will have the level differences that you will need to calc a volume against a nominated design level (edge of the wall).
Hope you can follow that.
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