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 Australia Geoid Model Download

FieldGenius 2011 now supports the Australian Geoid Model.

This geoid model isn't installed with FieldGenius and must be copied manually onto each data collector you want to use a AUSGeoid09 geoid file.

Steps to Install:

  1. Download and unzip the AUSGEOID09.byn file from our website and save it to your computer.
  2. Connect your data collector to your computer and find the location where FieldGenius is stored.  You will be able to find the Mapping folder in the MicroSurvey Fieldgenius\Programs\Mapping folder.
  3. Copy the AUSGEOID09.byn file from your computer into the MicroSurvey Fieldgenius\Programs\Mapping directory on the data collector.

Steps to Use AUSGEOID09 as a Geoid File.

  1. When you define your coordinate system in FieldGenius, you can set the Vertical System to AUSGEOID09.byn
  2. From the Main Menu | Settings | Coordinate Systems change the Vertical Systems to AUSGEOID09.byn.
  3. Your GPS derived coordinates will now have orthometric heights derived from the AUSGEOID09 geoid model.

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