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Top Features of MicroSurvey embeddedCAD

  100.0% AutoCAD and 100.0% DWG Compatibility
  Powered by Autodesk Technology™ means that inside MicroSurvey embeddedCAD is the same engine that powers other Autodesk products
  Command familiarity shortens learning
  Knowledge of AutoCAD is directly applicable and widespread AutoCAD training helps get users more productive
  Autodesk RealDWG engine is included to ensure that product has 100.0% AutoCAD and DWG compatibility.
  Object enablers for Autodesk Civil3D can be installed so you can view all custom objects created by other Autodesk products.
  Integrated Survey, Design and CAD
  Download, Calculate, Design, Draft, Check and Print - all incorporated into a productive field-to-finish package
  The most "surveyor friendly" CAD based system available. Designed specifically for Land Surveyors, not Civil Engineers.
  Powerful Survey Calculations
  COGO – MicroSurvey has the simplest, most productive COGO entry inside CAD. Record all of your COGO entries automatically with our Batch system. Edit the Batch with a spreadsheet style editor and reprocess!
  Data Collector Communication: MicroSurvey embeddedCAD is designed to work with data from all major total stations & data collectors
  Helmerts Transformation
  Multi-point averaging, cluster analysis, right of ways, areas, fixed areas, mass intersections, multiple perpendicular ties, stake computations, the list is endless...
  Coordinate Transformations – Easily transform data from one system to another. (UTM, State Plane, MTM ...)
  Complete Traverse or Network Adjustments
  Angle Balance
  Transit, Compass, Crandall's Classical Methods
  Vertical Balance
  Full 3D Least Squares Adjustment
  Blunder Detection
  Instrument Storage
  Graphical ellipse display
  Reprocessing and pre-analysis
  Active Drawing Technology
    MicroSurvey’s Active Drawing Technology is a new and efficient way to work with your survey data. Enables verification, editing, printing and manipulation of data in the drawing, in the coordinate and traverse databases, and during COGO calculations
  Active Coordinate Editor
  Active Traverse Editor
  Active Batch COGO
  Smart Information
  Smart Objects: lines, points, curves and text
  Pick and edit objects automatically without initiating a command
  Browse the entire coordinate database by simply picking any point in your drawing
  Powerful DTM Contouring/Modeling Volumes
  3D rendering
  Virtually unlimited point capability
  Simple to use: create a DTM and contour in four simple steps
  Complete Site Design
  Site Design: Ponds, ditches, stockpiles and slopes
  Road Design: Horizontal and Vertical Alignments, Cross Sectional Templates
  Create cross sections of existing ground and design surfaces
  Learning Resources
  12 hours of built-in training movies equivalent to thousands of pages of documentation
  Complete CAD documentation with movie links
  Context-sensitive Html Help Menu system - the easiest system to use

  Quality Tools for Excellent Value
  Full featured software program for greater efficiency at a lower price
  USB Keys for license flexibility
  Share a key with other users, take it home, run in your laptop and desktop just by moving the key
  MicroSurvey License Server automatically connects to users in an office - store all your licenses on a single key connect to any machine
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