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Engine & UI | Import/Export and Integration | Traverse and Coordinate Calculations | Drafting Tools

Expand your drafting toolkit with embeddedCAD and improve your everyday productivity.

Smart Point Blocks - Points can now be drawn as either a point node and text labels (as in previous versions) or as a point block that combines these elements into one object.

Video: Click to view

Smart Polylines - Polylines, LWPolylines, and 3DPolylines can now be "smart" such that they will automatically update when points they connect are edited or deleted.

Video: Click to view

3D Point Labels - A new "3D Point Labels" system toggle lets you draw point labels either in 2D at z=0 (default, as previous) or at each point node's 3D elevation. The previous "2D Draw Mode" system toggle was renamed to "2D Point Nodes" to clarify the difference between these two options.

Video: Click to view

Symbol Librarian: File Operations - Add a new symbol directly into the selected folder in the symbol library. Import an existing drawing file into the selected folder in the symbol library. Edit the selected symbol in the symbol library. Delete the selected symbol from the symbol library. Duplicate the selected symbol in the symbol library.

2D Draw Mode - A new "2D Draw Mode" System Toggle (in MsTools > MicroSurvey System Toggles, CAD Drawing Controls tab) is now available which causes all points to be drawn at z=0 while maintaining their true elevation in the coordinate database.

Settings Migration Wizard - Easily backup and restore all program settings into a single file, for transferring to another workstation or for disaster recovery.

Drawing Recovery Wizard - When opening a drawing where the expected .msz database file is not opened, the program will alert you and provide several options.

Rescale Drawing Wizard - Easily rescale drawings from one base unit to another.

Scale Text Values - Scale text entity values (standard text, distance labels, or elevation labels) for conversion between different units or with a specified scale factor.

Labeling Defaults: Width Factors - Define text widths for all of the text styles in the MicroSurvey Labeling Defaults.

AutoMAP Substitution Codes - Access field-coded parameters directly from your point descriptions and automatically include them in your plotted annotations.
Substitution codes follow the familiar LDD syntax, and include $0 to substitute the code, $1 through $9 to substitute the first through ninth space-delimited parameters following the code, $+ to substitute all parameters following the code, $* to substitute the entire description including the code plus all parameters, and $$ to substitute a literal "$" character.
For example, specify a plotted description like $1 TREE (ht=$2', trunk dia=$3") in AutoMap to dynamically label your TREE points like TREE OAK 9 12and TREE ELM 6 8as OAK TREE (ht=9', trunk dia=12") and ELM TREE (ht=6', trunk dia=8").

AutoMAP Leading Wildcards - Use AutoMap entries with a leading wildcard like *CODE, a trailing wildcard like CODE*, or both a leading and trailing wildcard like *CODE* to make partial matches of your point descriptions.
For example, an AutoMap entry like *IP* will now match points with descriptions like "NW CORNER IP BENT" and you can use the new Substitution Codes described above to produce appropriate plotted descriptions.

Distance Labeling Options - Include a customizable prefix and/or suffix in your distance annotation defaults. Include a unit symbol (' or m) in your distance annotation defaults. (Previously only ' was supported.)

Slope Labeling Command - A new Slope Labeling command is available with options to label the % Slope, Degrees from Vertical, or Degrees from Horizontal along a line.

Draworder Wizard - A new Draworder Wizard command is available to help you quickly fix the most common draworder issues, such as moving raster images and hatches to the back of your drawing, and moving wipeouts, blocks and annotations to the front.

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