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Top Features of MicroSurvey inCAD

 Active Drawing Technology

Active Coordinate Editor
Dynamically view and edit coordinate data with changes reflected immediately in both the coordinate editor window and in the drawing window. The system operates intuitively: selecting a point in the drawing will open the editor and highlight that coordinate in the database automatically. Alternatively, selecting a coordinate in the Editor will zoom to that point in the drawing.

Active Traverse Editor
Verifying and editing your raw data is now much faster and allows for painless correction with traverse data represented in a smart, spreadsheet-like editor that has incredible drag and drop capabilities. The Active Traverse Editor allows you to not only work with your raw data at any point in the traverse quickly, but it also allows customization of the views available and opens multiple traverse data sets simultaneously. Errors in your traverse data are amazingly easy to spot and fix.

Active Batch COGO
Batch COGO is a system for data entry and calculation that allows you to browse an entire COGO entry history, quickly identify errors and easily make changes. At any point COGO entries can be edited and reprocessed with the correction immediately reflected in the drawing. What's more, the interface is built with smart tags for data types like Traverse, Bearing-bearing intersection, Distance-distance intersection and more.

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