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Customer Testimonials

"This is one of the finest lot design programs I have seen...You have all of the routines for printing out Lot Closure Reports and even generating a metes and bounds Legal Description...This program almost makes designing subdivisions fun. There are routines for Sewer and Storm drains designed in both horizontal and vertical.

There are handy routines for cutting out and creating those detail drawings when necessary. There are many routines for labelling and handling text in general. There are scores of routines for manipulating text. You can rescale the entire drawing at any time, but you must remember to update the data base after a rescale or other routines-like surface routines-will not be according to the new rescale.

You can also use raster images (photos) and drape the photo over your DTM. This enables you to make some pretty imolressive displays for your clients.

All the functions necessary for downloading a data collector and/or reading a data file are fast and efficient."

Joe Bell
Software Reviewer
Professional Surveyor Magazine

“Interstate Surveying, Inc., is a small central Texas firm with two offices. A few years ago we needed to update the software and hardware in our office to convert from DOS based to Windows based applications. We pride ourselves on being frugal but productive, and thereby maintaining a healthy business stature. I spent considerable time researching available software, and could find no other package that satisfied all our survey/design applications, and worked with or within AutoCAD as efficiently or inexpensively as MicroSurvey.”

Lynn R. Savory
Interstate Surveying, Inc.
Lampasas, TX

"MicroSurvey has bridged the difficulties of complex cogo needs with a professional drafting platform for surveyors. Coming from an AutoCadd (sic) background, the transition to yet another survey software program was not a problem with MicroSurvey. Most of the questions I had were well explained in the training movies that came with the program. When I needed more technical assistance in managing the connectivity to my Leica TCR, help was immediate and without the delays encountered in some of the other developers I had tried. One of my better business decisions was to select MicroSurvey."

Wm. Brannon,

"...the program will do all the talking when you have the best Survey program in the world...In the City of Peterborough there will only be two Survey firms left by the end of the year. Both firms use MicroSurvey. The other firms did not have MicroSurvey. That says a lot to me. To stay in business you have to invest in the future. MicroSurvey is on the leading edge of Survey Software and those who invest in it are also on the leading edge."

R Whatman

"Thanks again for a very fine program...heads above anything else on the market today."

R.A. Thompson

"The support TELUS has received from MicroSurvey is always startling in terms of speed and professionalism."

Archie Donner, TELUS

"[the software's] robust nature and its elimination of 'modules' makes it a good choice for small and large firms."

Ian Wilson
Ian Wilson Land Surveying, CA

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