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Top Ten Questions About Layout

Question: Will Layout work with my existing data collector?

Answer: If your data collector is a Windows Mobile 6 or higher device, then Layout is compatible. Layout can also be installed on the Leica CS10 and CS15 data collectors, iCON CC6x series of tablets, as well as the Leica TS15 onboard system.
Question: What equipment will Layout run?

Answer: MicroSurvey Layout supports most instruments including non-robotic and robotic models. Layout also supports most GNSS receivers including base and rover systems, and network enabled rovers.

Question: What platform is video streaming feature currently supported on?

Answer: Video streaming for point scanning is currently only available on Windows Tablets or PC. It is not supported on Windows Mobile based devices.

Question: Does Layout have roading capabilities?

Answer: Yes. Layout can be used to manually input alignment data from paper drawings, or alignment data can be imported from LandXML files.

Question: How do I get information from my desktop application into Layout?

Answer: The two most common files that users will want to import into Layout are DXF drawing files and ASCII point files containing coordinate points. Layout supports both of these files types.

DXF files that are opened in Layout can be manipulated by turning on and off layers so you can control the view.  Many different types of entities in a DXF file can be automatically coordinated and added to the points database. Lines, polylines, and arcs can be added to the figures database, so you can stake them too!

Another way you can prepare projects for Layout is with the optional MicroSurvey Point Prep software. Point Prep can open Autodesk DWG or DXF drawing files and includes a lot of tools for preparing data to be used with MicroSurvey Layout.

Question: How do I get information from Layout into my desktop application?

Answer: Layout allows you to export DXF files, point files and LandXML files. All of these file types are supported by most third party software packages.

Optionally, you can import MicroSurvey Layout projects into MicroSurvey Point Prep where you can review the data measured at the job site and create a drawing file in DWG or DXF format.

Question: What is the difference between the desktop and device versions of Layout?

Answer: MicroSurvey Layout is available in a version that can be installed on Windows computers running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7. This version is referred to as the "desktop" version of Layout.

Alternatively you can also install Layout on mobile devices that are running Windows Mobile or Windows CE. This is referred to as the "devices" version.

Question: Can I import a CAD drawing into my Layout project?

Answer: Yes. Use the DXF import option to import your CAD drawing. Layout allows you to turn on and off layers in the CAD drawing to make it easier to see the information that is important to you. Selected objects in the CAD drawing can be automatically coordinated for staking, setup, back sighting or anything else that you wish.

These days drawing files can be very complex and difficult to work with on a data collector. We suggest opening the CAD file first with our MicroSurvey Point Prep software. With Point Prep you can easily hide or eliminate objects or data in the drawing file that are not needed at the job site. This makes for a smaller file size and a more streamlined and uncluttered drawing file to use in Layout.

Question: Does Layout support slope staking?

Answer: Yes. MicroSurvey Layout allows you to work with an existing cross sectional template to stake the intersection of the template and the existing ground.
Question: Do you support tablets?

Answer: Yes. Layout can be used on Windows Tablet computers. Use the desktop version for this type of computer.
How much does Layout cost?

Answer: The software costs just US$995.00. The Professional version includes support for robotic & GPS equipment.


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