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MicroSurvey Layout and Layout Pro

Supported File Formats | Data Management    
ASCII Import
ASCII Export
DXF Import
DXF Export
Import Point Prep surface file (QSB)
Import LandXML
Point database viewer
DXF data - view, freeze, layers, unload
LandXML - Parcels, alignments, points, surfaces, lines, arcs.
Show hide points and linework based on description
Code free line work for as-built's
Point Description manager
Stake Out and As-built Modes
3D viewing capabilities
Draw line work as you measure
Manually draw line work
Visually tap points and line work to execute commands
Automated stakeout automatically finds next nearest point
Staked point are automatically hidden
Stake management tools allows you to track which points have been staked
Streamlined interface for construction layout and as-built surveys
Graphical view for point measuring and layout
Available for mobile and tablet devices
Total Station Settings  
Instrument profiles
Bluetooth manager
EDM modes (prism and reflectorless)
Baud Rates
EDM Time Out
Min / max distance filter
Prism offsets
Guide lights
Target height (Backsight, Foresight and Non-Prism)
Multiple backsight
Search Modes  
Search Window Range  
Search Window Center  
Radio Communication settings  
Leica Power Search settings  
Topcon RC Search settings  
Sokkia RC search settings  
Total Station Control    
Set Fine / Coarse Modes *
Switch between prism and non-prism modes *
Set measurement parameters *
Set Prism Offset *
Set backsight plate reading *
Servo motor support
Use joystick to turn instrument
Motorized turn to angle
Motorized turn left or right 90
Motorized plunge scope
Point scanning
Video streaming
Search for Prism  
Lock on Prism  
Track Prism  
Feet Yes!
Feet and Inches Yes!
Meters Yes!
Azimuths (North & South) Yes!
Bearings Yes!
Scale Factors Yes!
Measure Modes  
Measure Only (No Store) Yes!
Occupy Point Yes!
Reference Points (Resection) Yes!
Reference Line Yes!
Measure and Auto-Store Yes!
Measure and Store Yes!
Check Setup Yes!
Check Point Yes!
Bench Mark Yes!
Layout Point Yes!
Layout Line Yes!
Layout Surface Yes!
Layout Alignment Yes!
Horizontal Angle Offset Yes!
Vertical Angle Offset Yes!
Distance Offset Yes!
Manual Distance Yes!
Manual Entry Yes!
Two Line Intersection Yes!
Line - Angle Offset Yes!
Line - Distance Offset Yes!
Line Perpendicular Point Yes!
Vertical Plane Projection Yes!
Slope staking Yes!
Point Scanning
Layout Point (Real time update and tracking)  
Layout Line (Real time update and tracking)  
Layout surface (Real time update and tracking)  
Layout alignment (Real time update and tracking)  
Point Patterns Yes!
Draw plan from blueprint dimensions Yes!
Query length of line / arc by selecting it from map Yes!
Length line and arc, between points Yes!
Perpendicular distance from line / arc to point Yes!
Direction Point (COGO) Yes!
Down / Out from line and arc Yes!
Calculator Yes!
Area Yes!
Triangle Yes!
Compute Volume Yes!
Tape Layout Yes!
Coordinate Calculator for GPS  
GPS local transformation  
Layout (Staking)  
Layout points - imported, measured, calculated Yes!
Points and Line work - DXF Yes!
Points and Line work - LandXML Yes!
Store stake point or stake record Yes!
Cut sheet reports Yes!
Stake station and offset along line / arc Yes!
Stake Point Yes!
Stake Line / Arc Yes!
Cut / Fill to design elevation Yes!
Stake list Yes!
Stake point management Yes!
Hide staked points Yes!
Override point and line design elevation with elevation from surface Yes! Yes!
Slope Stake Yes! Yes!
Stake Alignment Yes! Yes!
Stake surface (QSB, LandXML) Yes! Yes!
Turn instrument to point motorized
Servo motor support
Layout modes - Grid, compass, map
Viewing directions - Prism, Instrument, North Cardinal, North Directional, User-Defined
Remote staking Robotic  
Stake navigation for Robotic instrument  
Stake navigation for GPS  
 Roads (Alignments)   
Import from LandXML  
Horizontal, Vertical and template  
Manual input from blueprint or paper plans  
Export to LandXML  
Stake station and offset  
Override design elevation  
Slope Stake  
Use surface file for elevations  
Stake centerline only without profile or template  
Alignment cut sheets  
Surface manager
Load surface (LandXML and MicroSurvey QSB format)
Save surface (MicroSurvey QSB format)
Draw / Display DTM model (TIN & TGRD)
Draw / Display contours
Display DTM model in 3D view
Compute volume between surfaces or to elevation
Stake to surface
Use surface to override design elevations
NMEA stream support Yes!
NMEA mobile data collector internal GPS support Yes!
NTRIP Caster Manager  
Reference (Base) and rover instrument profiles  
Display number of satellites in view / used  
Display PDOP / HDOP / VDOP  
Display Lat, Long, ellipsoid position  
Display transformed position - northing, easting, ellipsoid or orthometric height  
Display HRMS and VRMS  
Quality filters  
Antenna height management  
Base configuration  
Rover configuration  
GSM network configuration  
Radio configuration for base and rover  
NTRIP / IP configuration  
Stream corrections from data collector internal modem to rover receiver  
Local transformation (site calibration)  
Coordinate system support (projection, datum)  
Geoid model support for calculating orthometric heights  
Raw data logging support  
Real time stakeout  
Real time position updates in map  
Point on floor  
Point on ceiling  
Point on wall  
Pipe penetration  
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