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Available in four levels, MicroSurvey CAD has complete surveying calculations in ALL levels. Then ith different levels of CAD drafting and 3D design to suit your budget and needs.

Read/write AutoCAD DWG (R 2.5 to 2012) and DXF files
AutoCAD linetype, hatch files, shape files, font file compatible
Full COGO Calculations
Full AlphaNumeric Point Identifiers
Create lots and blocks quickly and efficiently
Create and place buildings or structures with flexible input - re-use and re-edit any building or structure
Efficient staking programs: compute stakes, select points with all CAD commands and generate automatic reports for field crews
Automated block/lot creation with dynamic building pad placement
Right-of-way design
Coordinate Transformations (SPC, UTM, and more)
Data collector interfacing (all major brands)
Traverse coordination, closure, balancing
Active Drawing Technology - Coordinate Editor, Traverse Editing, Batch COGO
Survey calculations - Linear regression, clusters, powerful line, curve, and point calculating programs
Field to Finish diagramming, layering, symbol placement
Bearing, Distance, Elevation, Description, Number placement
Full Suite of Text Commands - text, sliding, rotating, scaling, plus advanced Text Placement Tool
Basic Editing Commands - move & rotate
Basic Drawing Commands - line, arc, point
3D Least Squares Adjustment - with blunder detection, custom instrument settings, graphical ellipse plotting
Comprehensive Drawing Commands - Dtext, Mtext, line, arc, point, 2&3D polyline, hatching, splines, curve fitting, 3D faces, polyface mesh, more...
Powerful Editing Commands - trim, extend, fillet, chamfer, copy, array, break, join, more...
Raster Imaging - Georeferenced TIFFs, JPG, BMP, Digital Photo support
3D Surface model visualization with rendering
Surface Modeling - TIN/Grid/TGrid
Multi-surface volume and bound area volume calculations
Sewer drafting
Alignment design & labeling
Cross section template editor
Profile plotting & vertical alignment design
Cross sectioning calculations and plotting
Site Design (grading & volumes)
Point cloud engine and advanced visualization tools *
Cutting cubes, profile slices and visibility toggles *
Automated paint line extraction *
Surface modeling and contouring from point cloud data *
Lowest point (by grid) and bare earth routines *
Bring drawing into point cloud viewer; and visa-versa *
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