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Top Features of MicroSurvey CAD


Customizable Interface and Commands

More than any other program, MicroSurvey CAD allows you to customize your own work area. Toolbars, menus, screen areas, and command line placement can all be controlled by you.

Toolbars: The new toolbar editor is simple. Edit existing toolbars, or create a new one. Just drag a button into empty space and you immediately have a new toolbar.

Menus: We include a graphical menu editor that allows you to cut and paste different menus together, remove sections to streamline the menus for your own use, or create entirely new menus for specific types of jobs.

Lisp Programming: Unlike other surveying packages, our program supports your own lisp programs. You can run Autolisp programs that run on the command line or even sophisticated versions that use DCL dialog boxes. With our lisp programming extensions, you can read and write to the coodinate database directly from lisp programs.

Screen Areas: You can turn on and off the command line, the properties toolbar, and the status line. These all can be toggled quickly to maximize your drawing window for more productivity.

Layout: You control whether you want the Command Line at the top or bottom, whether you want to see a side menu area, and how you want multiple windows to appear.

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