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Top Features of MicroSurvey CAD


Learning Resources
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Over twelve hours of training movies (more than 170) are included. To quote Joe Bell from Professional Surveyor Magazine, "If you forget how to do something, you do not have to run to the office guru or spend hours going through the manual trying to find out how to do what you want to do. You just go to the movies-the ones in the Help files, that is…you have access to 123 neatly arranged movies that tell and show you exactly what you have to do".

Also included is the most modern help system available - with a fully indexed, linked help file that exactly models the layout of the pulldown menus. It could not be easier to find items than to see them exactly ordered the same as the menus. The movies play right inside the help system. It is the easiest method of learning software.

A complete description of all the CAD drawing and editing commands is included in the help system. Many commands in both the surveying and drafting sections have direct movie links.

Documentation is also provided for one of the extra bonus values in using MicroSurvey CAD - Lisp programming! Lisp is an easy language to master, and with lisp you have even more control over the CAD engine. MicroSurvey provides a lisp interface to the coordinate database, so you can write simple routines do import or export in your own desired format, or perform custom calculations between coordinate points.

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