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:: The Top Ten Questions About MicroSurvey CAD

Question: Is MicroSurvey CAD compatible with AutoCAD? If so, what versions?

Answer: Supports reading and writing AutoCAD 2013 .dwg/.dxf format (from AutoCAD 2013-2016).
Question: How do I open a DWG or DXF file I already have stored on my computer?

Answer: MicroSurvey CAD uses DWG as the native file format. It reads DWG files from AutoCAD version 2.5 (mid '80s) up to AutoCAD 2016.
Question: Is this product stand alone or do I need other software to run your product?

Answer: All editions of MicroSurvey CAD 2016 are standalone products built on the IntelliCAD 8.1 CAD engine.
Question: Can I download my data collector into your product? If so, what happens to the original raw data file?

Answer: Yes you can. MicroSurvey CAD supports direct downloads of virtually all popular makes and models of data collectors. If your make or model is not supported, you can “spawn” an external communication program from within MicroSurvey CAD. MicroSurvey’s own FieldGenius data collector integrates seamlessly with all our desktop products. MicroSurvey CAD will read an original raw data file and create a traverse database that you can edit and use in adjustments. The original raw data is not changed in any way. Data integrity is maintained.
Question: What traverse adjustments are available?

Answer: MicroSurvey CAD supports Angle Balance, Compass Balance, Vertical Balance (Elevations), Crandall’s Method, Transit Balance and a 3D Least Squares (Premium and Standard) Adjustment and for those with coordinate data only, an Existing Point traverse adjustment using a Compass Method. All of these adjustments affect the coordinate data only. Re-processing the traverse database will restore the coordinates to their original location. This allows you to experiment with adjustments until you find one that works best for your situation.
Question: What can I do with point cloud data or LIDAR files?

Answer: Our new Ultimate version is for you! We have incorporated a high performance point cloud engine and database into this version for displaying the point cloud or LIDAR data. Billions of points can be handled by the software. Leica users can load their Cyclone databases directly, and point cloud data from other manufacturers, Lidar systems, and even aerial photogrammetry systems can all be imported with ease. Our point cloud module is powered by the extremely high performance Leica EpcA engine as used in Leica Cyclone and Leica CloudWorx. The point cloud is displayed right in your CAD model space view, and you can snap to points to draw 2D or 3D linework, create bare earth surface models, draw surfaces/contours and calculate volumes from the point cloud data. You can also create clippings or cutting cubes to reduce the data window or make profile slices through the point cloud.
Question: Can your program perform 3D modeling?

Answer: MicroSurvey CAD Premium is a fully functional 3D modeling program. You can create TIN’s, TGRID’s and GRID’s using point and line data. Breaklines allow you to accurately model your topographic survey with very little effort. Once a 3D surface is built, contours and volumes are just a single click away. For those interested in advanced 3D modeling, MicroSurvey CAD Premium supports First and Second order derivatives, Trend and Krige methods for surface generation.
Question: OK, so you do 3D Modeling, but how hard is it to use?

Answer: MicroSurvey CAD Premium is one of the easiest 3D modeling programs on the market. For a typical topographic survey, it takes less than 2 minutes to create a very accurate and impressive model for your clients. This can be viewed as a fully rendered, shaded model.
Question: How long is it going to take me to get “up to speed” with your product?

Answer: If you are familiar with a CAD based system, you can be drafting and calculating with MicroSurvey CAD in as little as a few hours. If you have never used a CAD based system, you can be drafting and calculating in as little as a day. Of course we provide more training movies than any other product, and extremely detailed and comprehensive on-line help.
Question: How much does all this cost?

Answer: The first license of MicroSurvey CAD is available in 5 different editions, starting at $995 US. Call our toll free number to ask one of our technical sales representatives about multiple license discounts.
(Ultimate and Studio) Question: Does MicroSurvey CAD support Leica scanner data?

Answer: Absolutely! MicroSurvey partnered with Leica HDS division on the creation of this product. We are happy to announce that Leica Cyclone is the native point cloud database for MicroSurvey CAD, and the included Leica EpcA engine also powers Leica Cyclone and Leica CloudWorx. This means that the system has the same power as the latest Leica Cyclone 9.1 software system. It also means that there are no built in software limitations. When coordinates are in a Leica Cyclone or Leica JetStream database, immense point clouds can be loaded and manipulated.
(Ultimate and Studio) Question: Can I work with LIDAR data with MicroSurvey CAD?

Answer: Yes. MicroSurvey CAD Ultimate and Studio will directly open Leica Cyclone and Leica JetStream databases, which supports importing data from other scanner manufactures, Lidar systems, and even aerial photogrammetry systems. Popular formats include LAS, E57, XYZ, PTS, and more, including native formats from FARO, Riegl, and Z+F.
(Studio) Question: What animation export formats are available?

Answer: MicroSurvey CAD Studio was built with MicroSurvey's advanced keyframe style animation system. It was designed for Engineers to use, not professional animators. This makes it much simpler to create and output animations. Currently we support almost any codec that you have installed on your machine. Popular formats are DivX and Quicktime as the compression levels and quality are excellent.
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