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:: MicroSurvey CAD Customer Testimonials

"MicroSurvey CAD meets the main criteria that I, and I think most surveyors, are looking for. It provides a package that is easy to use, increases productivity, and won't set a small to medium sized firm's budget on its ear. If the user is even vaguely familiar with AutoCAD or one of MicroSurvey's previous products, then the learning curve is nonexistent. This is one of the most user friendly applications that I have seen in nearly thirty years of using computers!"

-John Gallagher
of Robert B. Holzman, P.L.S.



“Interstate Surveying, Inc., is a small central Texas firm with two offices. A few years ago we needed to update the software and hardware in our office to convert from DOS based to Windows based applications. We pride ourselves on being frugal but productive, and thereby maintaining a healthy business stature. I spent considerable time researching available software, and could find no other package that satisfied all our survey/design applications, and worked with or within AutoCAD as efficiently or inexpensively as MicroSurvey.”

Lynn R. Savory
Interstate Surveying, Inc.
Lampasas, TX



"MicroSurvey has bridged the difficulties of complex cogo needs with a professional drafting platform for surveyors. Coming from an AutoCadd background, the transition to yet another survey software program was not a problem with MicroSurvey. Most of the questions I had were well explained in the training movies that came with the program. When I needed more technical assistance in managing the connectivity to my Leica TCR, help was immediate and without the delays encountered in some of the other developers I had tried. One of my better business decisions was to select MicroSurvey."

Wm. Brannon,


"Thank you, and wishing great success with [MicroSurvey CAD2002] ... after having the opportunity to be involved in the beta, and seeing what this program will do...both in the way it works and the ease of learning, I intend to throw my LDD away."

Jim Baker
Foresight Surveyors


"... [in] MicroSurvey CAD 2002, all improvements are welcome... Batch COGO is a must, not to be missed out on, visual snap modes makes one wonder how I did without them. I'd suggest users grab a demo and try it out... [you'll] be amazed. I am convinced that old is just that and new is what I want... I'll buy MSCAD2002."

Richard Sands
Land & Engineering Surveys


"I arrived on site 08:00hrs, given Disk with a small pilling job, only 250 piles. Loaded DWG into MS CAD 2002 on my laptop, and by 08:30 I had used Auto Add objects, to get the pile locations, used Active Drawing and the Coordinate Editor to create a Leica GSI16 file, uploaded to my TCA1100 via the PCMCIA card, and was setting out. On this job alone I believe it has saved me 2 hrs ... but at the cost a piling rig sat around, then it does not take long to justify the cost of the software. What value for not only productivity but professionalism...! Buying time with Software releases time for the small things so often overlooked, such as QA ... did I check that RO? ... and the main thing, getting home to see the kids before their bedtime."

Ian Gibson
SurveySoft Engineering ltd., UK


"You asked for testimonials from users? Well, one of our number was heard to exclaim today, The new MicroSurvey CAD gives me a woody! Probably not exactly what you are looking for, but I thought I would share it. This should at least tell you that you're doing something right...LOL."

Scott Partridge
The Cadastral Group Inc.



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