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Industry Compatibility

Drawing Files are now DWG by default

IntelliCAD is tested by the ITC consortium with ~58,000 drawings in a round trip test with each release

As a member of the Open Design Alliance, IntelliCAD uses the latest programming libraries to ensure compatibility (Other members include Bentley, Boeing, ESRI, Intergraph, PTC, SolidWorks & Trimble)

Menus, Fonts, Hatch Patterns, Shape Files, Linetypes, Colors

  • IntelliCAD maintains extreme compatibility with AutoCAD - without costing thousands of dollars.
  • Use the same commands at the IntelliCAD command line that you are used to typing into AutoCAD
  • Use Alias settings to create your own short cuts to all the built in CAD commands

Lisp Programs

  • Unlike other surveying programs, MicroSurvey CAD can be extended by you to solve problems with Lisp programming.
  • Lisp programs are AutoCAD compatible, including the use of DCL (Dialog Control Language) dialog boxes
  • Full Lisp documentation is included.
  • MicroSurvey provides Lisp extensions to the coordinate and line database, so you can use lisp to read & write points, add lines to the database, get or set configuration variables, or even put bearings and distances on the plan.

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