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 Drafting Improvements

Curve Labeling

Something you do a thousand times...

watch feature movieWatch a movie on curve labeling

Point Update

This useful routine allows you to reprocess ranges of points to apply AutoMap or default changes

Coordinate Table

Roll over for a larger image

  • Read in a comma delimited ASCII file and plot it
  • Set output with commas, spaces, or no delimiters
  • Set the layer
  • Scale the output slightly to increase the row spacing
  • Choose which items to read in and output
  • When reading in an ASCII file, you can choose the columns from the ASCII file that
    contain the items
  • Draws a grid

Extra options to make your plans look better...
  • Elevation foot ' symbol can now be added
  • Elevation prefix text can be inserted (EL 100.0')
  • Default descriptions can be added to new points

New Store Point Options
  • Store points has an extra button OW (Options) that allows you to choose
    what you want to overwrite:
  • Northing / Easting Only
  • Elevation Only
  • Description Only

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