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 Field to Finish Improvements  

AutoMap Improvements

Field to Finish improvements are useful on every job. Here is a list of some of the improvements on dialog

  • The program automatically loads the last AutoMap library that was used in a project.
  • AutoMap will now find blocks in any directory in the drawings path.
  • Copy Item button added to make changes quicker.
  • Rotate randomly - perfect for tree symbols so your drawing looks more attractive.
  • Rotate to previous point - make it easier to automatically set your symbols.
  • Scale to previous point - great for utility boxes, benches, or drip lines on trees.

watch feature movieWatch a movie on the new AutoMap options

Field Coding Additions

With our new coding additions, you can scale, rotate, and modify symbols while collecting points

  • -S: allows you to scale a symbol by a specified scale factor
  • -B: allows you to insert a different symbol on a point
  • -A: allows you to rotate a symbol to match any point in the drawing - perfect for buildings, boxes, manholes...

Wildcard Support

This option reduces the number of entries in your library

With simple wildcards, you can use the same symbol on many different descriptions. For example, if you are picking up posts where each is numbered, you can use POST* in the AutoMap library. Points coded with POST329 or POST-A32 will both have the POST symbol inserted. If you want the exact description that you have collected to be inserted in the drawing, just check the "Use exact description" checkbox.

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