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Windows Programming Enhancements

Multiple Layout (PaperSpace Sheets)

This feature makes it easy to create multiple sheets on a large project, or to have details of a larger drawing assembled onto a separate sheet.

Dynamic Wheel Zoom with blistering Independent point number

MicroSurvey's scale independent point numbers, descriptions, and elevations have been unique for years. With 2005 we supercharged the performance so you can zoom, pan, roll your mouse wheel in and out with very large file sizes. Play the movie to see how dynamic the point numbers remain as you zoom in and out in this drawing...


Running Snaps

With our new CAD engine, modifying snaps on the fly is easier than before. Watch the movie to see how easy it is to quickly change snaps. The toolbar on the right side shows the current snaps (slightly depressed button), and the changes you make are held after the command is finished.

watch feature movieClick for a pop up movie

Improved Plotting with Print Style Tables
  • Previously you could use the PenMap/Width mapping to associate colors with specific pen widths on your printer. New print style tables allow you to still specify color-based settings, but also allow you to specify pen widths, linetypes, and lineweight regardless of color.
  • Print style tables (.ctb and .stb files) are stored in files; you can share the files across multiple drawing files or with other users.
  • AutoCAD R14/2000/2002 compatible - share your plot settings with an AutoCAD user or plotting service

Roll Over the Image for Larger View

Easily Customizable Toolbars and Menus

One of the great features of a "complete CAD engine" vs. a stripped down product is the ability to customize it for your use. MSCAD 2005 has the most customizable interface of any version.


watch feature movieClick for a pop up movie demonstrating toolbar modifications


Flexible Licensing


  • MicroSurvey's new licensing options allow larger firms to purchase floating licenses for network use. If you have people who occasionally use MicroSurvey, this reduces the number of licenses you need to purchase.
  • Laptops can "check out" a network license to take on the road and then checked back in when the machine returns to the office.
  • Stand alone licenses can be transferred onto a floppy disk, USB memory key, or even emailed to another machine for temporary use. We call this our "Take Home" option so you can take your license home for the evening or weekend.

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