Advanced Rendering, New Raster Display Engine, And A Zillion Other Improvements...

A New Rendering Engine in CAD 2008

  • Supports Most CAD Entities Including Text
  • Faster
  • Add Materials to Objects for More Realism
  • Export Hi-Res Bitmaps for Large Plots
  • View Drawing and Rendered Image Side by Side

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Work with images

MicroSurvey CAD 2008 includes enhanced imaging features to help you work with images in your drawings. Working with images is similar as in previous MicroSurvey versions, with easy-to-use features located on the raster menu in MicroSurvey.


CAD Improvements - Features You Use Every Day

Use entity snaps

  • When using the extension option with Intersection Snap and Apparent Intersection Snap, MicroSurvey draws dashed extension lines to help guide you as you use the extension snap option.
  • If you are working in the command bar, you can modify the active command by typing m2p or mtp to enable a one-time snap to the midpoint of two points that you specify.
Edit text in the command line
  • The command bar and Prompt History window include enhanced text editing, including cutting, copying, and pasting text; copying the last command line or the entire command history; and repeating a previously executed command.
Create wipeout entities
  • Wipeouts are unique entities that can help you hide areas of your drawing. They display with the current background color, so the details behind the wipeout do not display or print.
Create audio notes from existing *.wav files
  • In addition to recording audio notes in MicroSurvey and attaching them to entities, you can now create audio notes from existing *.wav files. Audio notes created from an existing *.wav file are saved in the drawing file and the separate *.wav file remains unchanged.
Attach and record audio
  • MicroSurvey provides the unique ability to record audio notes, which are sound clips attached to entities and available for playback at any time. For example, audio notes in a factory floor plan can describe maintenance activities for specific areas of the factory and employees can play the audio notes to hear instructions.
Manage character sets for drawings
  • MicroSurvey allows you to manage which character set is assigned to a drawing. This unique feature can be very helpful when sharing or distributing drawings in geographic regions where several languages are used that require different character sets to display text properly.
Reverse the zoom direction of the mouse wheel
  • Instead of zooming in and out by moving the mouse wheel forward and backward, you can reverse the settings to zoom in when spinning the mouse wheel backward and zoom out when spinning the wheel forward. This can be especially helpful if you use the mouse with your left hand.


MicroSurvey Improvements & Fixes - Important for Your Productivity and Confidence


  • The MsCOGO > 3 Point Arc command would create an incorrect arc if the COGO point used had a symbol attached to it. This command has now been removed from the COGO menu, and the ARC command should be used instead.
  • The Compute Lot Closure routine would sometimes unnecessarily ask for the next point number to use, even if the option to store points was turned off. It no longer prompts for the point number if points will not be stored.
  • If the Linear Units Drawing Setting was set to 5 or higher, then some Inverse calculations had odd values such as N 89-59-60 E instead of N 90-00-00 E. This has been corrected.
  • All entity snaps are now being temporarily turned off when using the Slide Text Along Axis command, to prevent the selected position from snapping to an entity that is not along the sliding axis.
  • Labeling an arc when your angular drawing settings are set to grads would cause MSCAD 2005 to crash. This no longer crashes MSCAD 2008, but if you are using grads then the arcs will still not be reliably labeled.
  • Bearing Labels could sometimes be rounded incorrectly if the Angular Precision drawing setting was increased to 5 or higher.
  • Re-coordinating a traverse containing shots with 0 distance could cause crashes or invalid points to be created in the coordinate database.
  • Raw files containing only GPS measurements could not be re-coordinated, they now can be.
  • Improved the Show Traverse toolbar button to make it easier to see.
  • Leica GSI 16 Output is now included in the Write Collector Files Out menu.
  • Pressing the “Unselect All” button in the TDS/FG Filter Options dialog would cause MSCAD 2005 to hang up on re-start due to a null value in the X99.DAT file. This has been fixed.
  • Importing raw files from some third-party software which contained incomplete SP records that did not include a description or an elevation value would cause MSCAD 2005 to crash.
  • Re-coordinating a traverse now records the Point Protection status messages to the view log file.
  • When using SDRMap Coding, the CAD2 code was not correctly orienting the symbol to fit between the 2 points. It is now scaled and rotated appropriately.
  • The Dynamic Pan Hand icon on the Point Groups and Manual Traverse Entry dialogs were generating error messages and causing MSCAD 2005 to get stuck in a pan mode until the middle mouse button was clicked.
  • The routine used for importing an SDR file has been improved to honor the N,E vs E,N flag in the 00 record of the file to allow importing coordinates with an E,N format.
  • Generating alignment station and offset reports was not working properly if the same output file was re-selected for multiple reports.
  • The Auto Site Design routine would generate errors if there was no current surface, preventing the design surface from being created.
  • Overall reliability of Subdivision Design / Lots / Blocks / House Placement routines has been improved.
  • When labeling existing points that fall directly along the center of a horizontal alignment with no offset, the first point on the alignment would not be labeled.
  • When labeling existing points on a horizontal alignment which was created using the Create Using Lines and Arcs command by picking 3D entities, the labels were being incorrectly calculated with a slope distance for each segment.
  • Overall reliability of all Sewers routines has been improved.
  • When importing FieldGenius raw files containing multisets, the Instrument and Target heights were not being set correctly for the RB and RF records.
  • The Process FieldGenius Figures (PROC_FIGURE) command would sometimes draw the bearing and distance labels on the new lines. These labels are no longer drawn.
  • The Process FieldGenius Figures command is now available through the MsTraverse menu.
  • Importing a FieldGenius project that did not contain a raw file with the same name as the project folder would cause errors.
Points Database
  • Coordinates which were converted using the MTM83-1 coordinate were incorrect by 30 minutes due to an incorrect central meridian value.
  • The Point Update command now redraws point nodes on the specified default layer.
  • Changing a point ID now creates a History note.
  • Improved the layout of the Point Update dialog to remove confusion users had about the “When Description Matches” filter.
  • Notes entered into the Store & Edit Points dialog were being cut off to the first 32 characters without notifying you. You can no longer enter a note longer than this.
  • Placing Quick Posts onto a point that already contained a description was not trimming the lines to the post block, due to a problem with the –B option in the Automap Library.
  • Auditing the MicroSurvey database would cause any Quick Post icons that were added onto a point to be removed.
  • The Rotate Automap Symbols options in the Automap Library did not work reliably.
  • In the Active Coordinate Editor, sorting points by Point Protection through the Sort menu was not properly sorting them. This functionality has been changed, and they can now be sorted by double-clicking on the Point Protection column header.
  • In the Active Coordinate Editor, using the Set Selection Coordinates command was reversing the entered Northing and Easting values.
  • After calling the Single Point Editor from the MultiPoint dialog, you are now returned back to the MultiPoint dialog.
  • Changing the sorting parameters in the Active Coordinate Editor now automatically re-sorts the list.
  • The Rescale Complete Drawing command would sometimes reset the position of point labels, if they had been moved by dragging their grips.
  • The Erase Selected (ESEL) command would not work if 3dface entities were selected.
  • In the Surface Operations screen, using the Clear Parts option to delete Breaks from a surface would delete the entire surface. This has been corrected, and now only deletes the breaklines from the surface.
  • Using the Control Line option to label contours was not labeling all contours if a 3D Polyline with a bend in it was selected as the control line, it would only label up until the bend. It now labels all contours that cross the control line.
  • The Surface View (SVIEW) command did not work reliably in MSCAD 2005.
  • Generate Lines Between Blocks toolbar button has been fixed.
  • Using the CAD Lines dialog, it was possible to see the incorrect information for a selected line. If you displayed the information for a line that is in the database, and then a line that is not in the database, the second line still displayed the information from the previously displayed line.
  • Using grips to moving the label of a point would cause a History flag to appear for that point, even though the point itself was not moved.
  • It was possible to accidentally import an ASCII file into Layout space, MSCAD 2008 now automatically switches back to Model space when you import an ASCII file.
  • Picking on a point node would sometimes not display the Single Point Editor dialog when it was supposed to.
  • The MsCalcs toolbar had incorrect commands linked to the Best Fit a Line and the Best Fit a Curve buttons. These buttons have both been corrected.
  • Switching drawing windows while a COGO command is active would cause problems with having to access multiple databases. You will now be warned not to switch drawings during the middle of a MicroSurvey database command.
  • The Delete Projects dialog was improved to clarify that only the database file will be deleted.
  • The error message that comes up if a font file is not found has been improved for clarity.
    Formatting of LOG files has been improved with the use of the RTF format.
  • When using the Save As command to overwrite an existing DWG file, the existing database from that previous drawing was not being erased. We now check for this situation and display a prompt to erase them.
  • The movies.exe file used for playing the training movies through the help file has been improved to allow multiple versions of MSCAD and inCAD to coexist peacefully.
  • Help button on the Surface Volume dialog did not open up the help file.
  • Browsing to a UNC path (ie, \\server\folder\) for various files and folder locations would cause errors.
  • Fixed general issues with using profiles.
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