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:: Upgrade to MicroSurvey CAD 2010

MicroSurvey CAD has developed into a powerful, feature rich calculating and drafting program.

Our 2010 version is built on the IntelliCAD 6.6 CAD engine. This engine has many features that our customers can use to streamline the drafting and calculating experience.

View the list of improvements in our previous version, MicroSurvey CAD 2009 :: Launch Tour>>

View the list of improvements in our previous version, MicroSurvey CAD 2008 :: Launch Tour>>


:: New Features and Fixes for MicroSurvey CAD 2010 - Detailed List

New Features

  • Updated CAD Engine - IntelliCAD 6.6
    • MicroSurvey CAD 2010 is now built on the latest IntelliCAD engine, IntelliCAD 6.6. For a list of IntelliCAD fixes, see below.
  • Pad Builder
    • Draw and edit pads directly within your current drawing by specifying edge lengths, turned angles, deflection angles, or double-offsets. This is different than the previously existing House Library commands which creates drawings in an external house library.
    • New command: _BUILD_PAD (MsTools | Pad Builder)
  • Offset Grid Lines
    • Easily offset Lines in your drawing by varying offset distances. This is similar to the existing _PARALLEL or _OFFSET command but is easier to use.
    • New command: _MS_OFFSET (MsTools | Offset Grid Lines)
  • Auto-Add Points to Gridline Intersections
    • Automatically compute points at the 3D intersection of selected Lines in your drawing. This is intended primarily for calculating points on grid lines, but it can be used in many situations.
    • New command: _COORDINATE_GRID_LINES (MsTools | Coordinate Grid Lines)
  • Query Angle between Two Lines
    • Calculates a 3-point inverse to determine the interior or exterior angle between two lines, and displayes the angle to you in both decimal degrees and degrees-minutes-seconds.
    • New command: _MS_SHOW_ANGLE (MsCogo | 3-Point Inverse)
  • Point Patterns
    • Create a custom library of point patterns to use for calculating multiple points in relation to other key points in your drawing. This is used primarily for applying Bolt Patterns onto columns, beams, etc.
    • New command: _POINT_PATTERN (MsTools | Point Patterns)
  • Online Update Notification
    • MicroSurvey CAD now includes a "Check for Updates" feature. This new command is available in the Help Menu.
    • MicroSurvey CAD is now configured to silently look for updates according to the preferences setup by the user. When an update is available the user will be notified. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed.
    • New command: _UPDATECHECK (Help | Check For Updates)
    • New command: _UPDATECHECK_CFG (Help | Auto Update Preferences)
  • Layer States
    • Save and Restore Layer States in your drawing. A layer state contains a snapshot of the state of all layers in your drawing (including: On/Off, Frozen/Thawed, Locked/Unlocked, Color, Linetype, Lineweight) at that point in time, so that when loaded all of these layer settings get restored to the state they were in when that layer state was saved.
    • If the layer state file is imported into a new drawing, it will automatically create the layers that are missing.
    • New command: _LAYERSTATE (MsTools | Layer Control | Layer States)
  • Normalize Raw Traverse Measurements
    • A new command is now available in the Active Traverse Editor, which will normalize Face 2 total station measurements to Face 1. This is necessary for users who want to perform a 3D Least Squares Adjustment.
    • Improved command: _MS_EDIT_RAW_DATA (MsTraverse | Active Traverse Editor)
  • Improved Stakeout
    • More intuitive dialog layout and workflow.
    • You can now specify any description for the computed stake points instead of the previous "FSTAKE" description.
    • You can now specify zero offset distances to compute stake points directly on the line/arc.
    • As each new stake point is computed, if a point already exists at the same position then you are now prompted for whether you to store the new point or not.
    • Improved command: _COMPUTE_STAKES (MsPoints | Stake Out Points)
  • Improved Auto-Add Points to Objects
    • Now works with Polylines, LWPolylines, and 3DPolylines.
    • Improved command: _AUTOP (MsPoints | Auto-Add Points to Objects)
  • Improved Mapping Grid
    • Improved scaling of labels and "+" grid marks, and preview capabilities.
    • New preview capabilities so you can see the grid before placing it in your drawing.
    • Grid is now drawn onto a dedicated "MAPPING_GRID" layer (instead of the current layer).
    • Improved command: _MAPPING_GRID (MsTools | Mapping Grid)
  • Improved Star*Net Exporter
    • We have made several improvements to the star*net exporter, which allows traverses from MicroSurvey CAD to be adjusted in star*net more easily, including the following:
      • Units and Order records are now added to header section.
      • Date Processed note recorded in the header section.
      • Directory and traverse file that the export is based on is recorded as a note in the header section.
      • We do not record a C record for every setup anymore, only for the inital setup points.
      • FieldGenius Multiset backsight measurements are now exported as DV records.
      • FieldGenius Multiset foresight measurements are now exported as M records.
      • Angle format in the DAT file now uses the Starnet notation of degress-minutes-seconds. For example angles will look like: 90-00-34.55 instead of 90.003455
      • Distances are now displayed in the DAT file to four decimal places.
      • Undefined distances in DV and M records are now exported as ? instead of 0.0000.
      • Fixed odd behaviour when selecting the DAT file export directory. It would always default to C:\Star
      • Exported DAT file is automatically opened in Notepad after export for review.
      • Now available in MicroSurvey CAD Basic, Standard, and Premium versions. (Previously Standard and Premium only)
    • Improved command: _STAR_NET_EXPORT (MsTraverse | Star Net Interface)

Important Fixes

  • MicroSurvey CAD Fixes
    • [1346] Shift Points - Using the _ms_shift command to shift points causes database arcs on those points to be removed from the drawing.
    • [1347] Scale Points - Using the _ms_scale command to scale points causes database arcs on those points to be removed from the drawing.
    • [1348] Rotate Points - Using the _ms_rotate command to rotate points causes database arcs on those points to be removed from the drawing.
    • [2829] Rotate Points - Rotating Points from the Active Coordinate Editor could cause an incorrect north shift to be applied to the results if a 3D rotation point was snapped onto.
    • [2816] RTS Points - Output from the _rts command to the command history and log file was improved to reduce unnecessary and redundent information.
    • [2802] Store & Edit Points - If multiple points are at or near the same coordinate (within a distance of 0.0001) then picking on one point could select another point. (A similar issue still exists in the _connect_points command.
    • [1156] Active Coordinate Editor - If the Point Protection dialog comes up due to changing a point, but then Cancel is selected, the coordinate shown in the active coordinate editor is now reset to its previous value.
    • [2505] Active Coordinate Editor - Change Selection Layer command now enforces standard layer naming conventions.
    • [2598] Active Coordinate Editor - It is no longer possible to ignore the Point Protection dialog if it comes up, which would result in a crash if additional Point Protection events were triggered.
    • [2786] Active Coordinate Editor - Tiling the Active Coordinate Editor window when a drawing is not open would result in a crash.
    • [2803] Active Coordinate Editor - Using the Draw Table In Drawing From Selection command from within the Active Coordinate Editor would result in a crash if another command was currently active.
    • [2692] Batch COGO - It is no longer possible to ignore the dialog prompting you to Save changes when closing the Active Batch Editor, which would result in a crash if you tried to close the Active Batch Editor again.
    • [3062] Batch COGO - Bearing-Bearing intersections were not being recorded in the batch file in the latest 2009 update.
    • [3062] Batch COGO - Bearing-Distance intersections were not being recorded in the batch file in the latest 2009 update.
    • [2359] ASCII Import - Importing points whose descriptions contain commas now import completely without parsing the description at the first comma in it.
    • [3025] ASCII Import - Importing Lat/Long ASCII files could cause a crash if the file contains blank lines.
    • [3025] ASCII Import - Importing Lat/Long ASCII files with the "Store Coordinates in COGO Database" option turned off, would store them in the database anyways.
    • [2133] ASCII Import/Export - Help buttons on the ASCII Import and ASCII Export dialogs for the "Coordinates Column Specific" format was not opening the Help topic.
    • [2057] ASCII Export - A crash could occur if too many decimal places were exported into the ASCII file. You must now specify between 0 and 12 decimal places.
    • [3060] FieldGenius / TDS Raw Import - Angles read in a FieldGenius or TDS RAW/RW5 file were being rounded to the nearest second. This no longer occurs.
    • [2905] Traverse Adjustment - Using the _ms_pt_adjust Existing Point Traverse (Old) command was not performing a correct compass balance.
    • [2929] Traverse Adjustment - A 3D Least Squares Adjustment of a traverse containing reverse-face shots would cause errors. A new option in the Active Traverse Editor to normalize shots has been added as a temporary fix for this situation.
    • [2723] Copy Points between Jobs - the _ms_start_transfer command does not work with databases created in MicroSurvey CAD 2008 8.0.0 (pre-SP1). A messag now appears with instructions how to fix this situation by opening and re-saving the drawing.
    • [0608] Line and Curve Tables - The "Auto-Add Database" system toggle is now honored when creating line/curve table entries, so you can control whether or not points get created in the database.
    • [2992] Line and Curve Tables - Line Tables are now created showing lines in the order you selected them. Ensure SORTENTS variable is set to 96.
    • [2354] Lot Closure - A crash which could occur if incorrect linework was selected while defining a lot has been fixed.
    • [2634] Cutout Drawing Detail - The Cutout Drawing Detail command did not work, it would give an "Error: rejected function" message.
    • [2635] Surface Modeling - Area and Volume unit labels in the Configuration Settings dialog would only accept numeric values which is not desired, it now accepts alphanumeric values such as "Acres" or "Cu.Yds.".
    • [2744] Surface Modeling - Using the Draw Dots options in the _grd command was drawing Lines instead of Dots, this has been corrected.
    • [1632] Surface Modeling - Using the "Configure Colors" button in the _paint command did not work properly the first time it was run.
    • [2817] Surface Modeling - Using the "Configure Colors" button in the _paint command would cause the program to crash later when using the _exit command to close the program.
    • [2626] Surface Modeling - Auto-Loading a QSB file and automatically re-tinning a surface (via the Project Manager) could cause a crash in some situations.
    • [2745] AutoRoute - Using the _makealign command to create a horizontal alignment by picking lines and arcs did not always accept some arcs depending on which end of the arc was selected.
    • [2570] AutoRoute - Labeling Stations using the _labelalign command, the last station was not being labelled - a label is now drawn at the end station.
    • [2804] AutoRoute - Labeling Offsets using the _labelalign command would reverse the offset values used if different Left and Right offsets were specified.
    • [2787] AutoRoute - Labeling offsets using the _labelalign command, if an offset value of less than 10 was specified then it used 0 as the offset value and points were labelled directly along the alignment.
    • [2858] Sewers - Prompts presented at command line when using the "Keyboard" option in the _sorsewer command have been improved.
    • [2777] Unnamed Drawings - A crash which could occur when working in a new unnamed drawing (created with the _new or _newwiz commands) has been fixed.
    • [2864] Layer Control, Copy - The Copy command in the MSTools | Layer Control menu or MSLayers toolbar did not complete correctly (manually pressing Enter was required) in drawings with multiple copy mode enabled.
    • [F848] Layer Control, Thaw - The Thaw command in the MSTools | Layer Control menu or MSLayers toolbar had a performance problem which has been fixed.
    • [2726] CAD Lines/Curves Dialogs - Grouped entities now work with the CAD Lines or CAD Curves dialog, to retrieve information on the entity in the group which was selected. Ensure SORTENTS variable is set to 96.
    • [3008] 3D Offset - This command did not work correctly in drawings with multiple copy mode enabled.
    • [2925] Areas - Calculating an area with the _ms_calc_lot_swing_line command by swinging a line, would abort if the lot contained a curve, this has been fixed.
    • and more...

  • IntelliCAD Fixes
    • [81956] Stability & Crashes - Several fixes to threading/timing problems which could cause the program to crash seemingly at random have been fixed. These crashes occurred most frequently when modifying entities with the right-click menu, and in drawings with raster images.
    • [81748] Slow Saving - A performance issue when saving the drawing file, caused by querying printer driver details, has been fixed.
    • [81973] Printing/Plotting - The "Select Origin" button now correctly sets the print offset values in paper units (Inches or millimeters).
    • [81843] Printing/Plotting - The -PLOT command now correctly defaults to the previously configured "Print Lineweights" option at the command line prompt.
    • [D2986] Printing/Plotting - Entities no longer temporarily disappear (taking on the color of their print style) requiring a regen after printing.
    • [Dxxxx] Printing/Plotting - Entities outside the selected Print Area are no longer printed if the "Print only area within specified window" option is enabled.
    • [81815] External References - A severe performance problem due to redundant font substitutions in XREF drawings has been fixed.
    • [82212] External References - A crash which could occur on saving drawing after Binding an XREF has been fixed.
    • [81462] Raster Images - The Fade option in the image manager worked in reverse if the background color is White - this now works as expected.
    • [82184] Raster Images - A display issue with monochrome images where the white pixels would sometimes have a blue tinge in them has been fixed.
    • [82184] Raster Images - A display issue with monochrome images where the black and white pixels would spontaneously invert has been fixed.
    • [81707] Raster Images - The following unsupported filetypes were removed from the Browse dialog when attaching images: *.bil.
    • [82052] Raster Images - The following unsupported filetypes were removed from the Browse dialog when attaching images: *.img, *.ddf
    • [82036] Multiline Text - Some paragraph formatting codes were being displayed as text in the drawing - these embedded format codes no longer appear in the drawing.
    • [82191] Blocks - When inserting a block, the Z-scale factor is now set to the same value as the X- and Y-scale factors if they are equal. Previously, the Z-factor was set to 1 if not explicitly defined.
    • [81348] Boundary Hatches - Invalid/corrupt scale factor values in hatch entities could lead to the hatch not displaying properly, generating errors on save, and crashes on audit - this is now detected and handled correctly.
    • [82171] Boundary Hatches - Invalid/corrupt hatch entities could cause the program to generate errors on open and crash on audit or recover - Opening such a badly corrupted file is now prevented, and the Recover command can be used to repair the drawing.
    • [81255] Dimensions - Support for Dimension Tolerance Alignment formats has been added.
    • [82202] Dimensions - Dimensions drawn in Layout space now work consistently.
    • [79696] Coordinate Systems - New UCS can now be created from the IntelliCAD Explorer window.
    • [79971] Coordinate Systems - New UCS can now be created from the IntelliCAD Explorer window.
    • [82026] Custom Menus - A crash in the Customize command which could be caused by pressing "Add command" without first selecting a command to add has been fixed.
    • [81684] Digitizer Tablet - A crash on startup due to improper tablet configuration is now prevented.
    • [81389] Entity Selection - The PICKSTYLE variable is now a global profile setting and is not drawing specific.
    • [82194] Entity Selection - Selection Sets were being created with the entities sorted in a different order from which they were selected. This caused some custom LISP programs to not function correctly when a specific order was expected.
    • [81961] AutoCADŽ Compatibility - Space characters were being removed from block attributes in some drawings from AutoCAD 2010.
    • [82037] AutoCADŽ Compatibility - Support for display of Table entities has been added - they now display as Proxy entities.
    • [82190] AutoCADŽ Compatibility - Dynamic Block entities are now being saved back into the drawing file properly and are not converted to normal Block entities.
    • [81945] AutoCADŽ Compatibility - Block Attributes with "Middle" justification format now display correctly.
    • [81854] Network Drives - Some network configurations prevented drawings from being opened from a network drive even if security permissions had been properly configured.
    • [82218] Program Interface - When changing the current layer via Entity Properties toolbar, the color for ByLayer shown on the toolbar did not immediately update to show the new layer's color. (Note: the correct color was actually being used when drawing entities.)
    • [82222] Program Interface - In some situations the maximized window was positioned incorrectly, leaving a small gap the width of the taskbar along the top of the screen. This is now prevented and the window should always maximize correctly.
    • and more...
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