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Powered by IntelliCAD 8.2a - MicroSurvey CAD 2017 is built on the latest IntelliCAD engine.

IntelliCAD 8.2 is a major release that includes more options added to existing features that export 2D .pdf files, export .bmp files, and attach underlays; new in-place multiline text editor; new support for maximizing and minimizing viewports; and various other new commands such as BCOUNT, IMAGEFRAMEMODE, FIELD, and TEXTTOFRONT. IntelliCAD 8.2 also includes improved performance when working with complex blocks, panning and zooming, exporting to .pdf files, and more.

IntelliCAD 8.2a is a maintenance release that contains over 125 improvements and fixes since the IntelliCAD 8.2 release . Improvements in IntelliCAD 8.2a include various fixes for external references, the user interface, and many more, as well as small additions such as new RIBBON and RIBBONCLOSE commands and a new FILTERS command.

In addition, more than 975+ issues have been resolved during the IntelliCAD 8.2 and 8.2a product development cycles.

See below for additional details about what's new and fixed in IntelliCAD 8.2 and 8.2a.

Cloud Storage Support - Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and other cloud storage and synchronization services are now supported.

Open and save your drawings directly in your favourite third-party cloud storage service's folder.

A subscription to a third-party service(s) is required, it is not provided by or through MicroSurvey in any way.

Smart Point Blocks - Points can now be drawn, as either a point node and text labels (as in previous versions) or as a point block that combines these elements into one object.

Labels within the point block can be edited (position and rotation) with automatic leaders connecting from the labels back to the point node.

Video: Click to expand

Smart Polylines - Polylines, LWPolylines, and 3DPolylines can now be "smart" such that they will automatically update when points they connect are edited or deleted.

The following commands are now capable of creating Smart Polylines in your drawing: AutoMAP Library, Auto-Add Points to Objects, Bearing/Distance Auto-Labels, 3D Curve, FieldGenius Import, Leica DBX Import.

The new "CAD Polylines Dialog" can be used to quickly access pertinent details about any polylines in your drawing.

Video: Click to expand

Angular Units - Specify an angular unit for each drawing, including Degrees-Minutes-Seconds (as in previous versions), Decimal Degrees, or Gons/Gradians. The specified angular unit setting will be used for all input/output throughout the program.

Video: Click to expand

Attach Imagery (Bing Maps) - Instantly download and attach imagery from BingŪ Maps as a raster image file.

Specify the area of interest by Point ID, Current View, Lat/Long, or Street Address.

Specify the image type (Aerial, Road or Hybrid), coverage area, and resolution.

Align the imagery to either georeferenced or local point coordinates.

To use this command, please contact MicroSurvey. A license for the Bing Maps module will be provided to interested users at no cost.

Video: Click to expand

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