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Updated IntelliCAD Engine - Point Prep 2014 is powered by the latest IntelliCAD 7.2d engine.

AutoCAD DWG/DXF Support - Point Prep 2014 can open the latest AutoCAD 2013/2014/2015 .dwg or .dxf files.

LandXML Import/Export - New LandXML Import and Export commands allow you to transfer the following data types between Point Prep and any LandXML compatible software: CgPoints (Point Coordinates), PlanFeatures (Smart Lines and Arcs), Surfaces, Parcels, and Alignments.

Video: LandXML Import/Export

3D Rendering - Open an interactive 3D viewer window of your current drawing.  Add texture images, transparency, and other effects onto surfaces displayed in the Render window. Insert and edit cameras views which can be jumped to in the Render window.

Video: 3D Rendering

Drawing Recovery Wizard - When opening a drawing where the expected .msz database file is not opened, the program will alert you and provide several options.

Coordinate System Search - Search for appropriate coordinate systems, based on a specified latitude/longitude position, and instantly set it as your drawing's Coordinate System.

Add Points to CAD Objects - Specify the starting point ID and description to use for storing new points, or automatically set the point description based on the object’s layer name or block name.

Video: Add Points to CAD Objects

Add Points to Grid Lines - When coordinating grid lines, assign names to each grid line like A,B,C,D,... and 1,2,3,4,... and automatically set the ID or Description of the resulting grid points using the grid line names like A-1,A-2,B-1,B-2,...

Video: Add Points to Grid Lines

AutoSave with Database - IntelliCAD’s AutoSave feature now also saves a copy of the current database.

Updated Coordinate System Engine - The CS-Map coordinate system engine was updated to provide 100% cross-compatibility between MicroSurvey Point Prep and MicroSurvey Layout.

Labeling Defaults: Width - Define text widths for all of the text styles in the MicroSurvey Labeling Defaults.

Point Database: Select by Description - You can now select points by description in the Point Database.

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