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:: MicroSurvey STAR*NET Customer Testimonials

"Over the past ten years I've found STAR*NET software to be very consistent in handling raw data files for input to GPS, traversing or leveling adjustments. The least squares adjustment algorithms produce reports that are easy to scan and identify network problems that need to be fixed.

I look forward to using STAR*NET for many years to come on transportation control projects."

–James E. Kovas PE, PS


"I have been using STAR*NET almost everyday for the last 5 years. It is the perfect tool for combining conventional, GPS and leveling data into a control network and checking the validity in a rigorous manner. The data input and interface elements make it quite simple to perform a Least-Squares adjustment on any type of survey, large or small. It is simply the best adjustment program that I have used."

–Peter Haas, BCLS
FCS Land Services Limited Partnership


"I first started using STAR*NET in about 1993, shortly after completing my Least Squares class at BCIT, where we were taught that least squares adjustments were simply the best way to resolve traverses and control networks. I'm sure STAR*NET paid for itself on the first major survey we did as we rarely had any mis-closure issues from that point forward. We immediately benefitted from being able to process traverse data collected in any order and being able to include redundant check shots in the processing.

Now I'm in practice for myself, and I wouldn't process my control any other way. What other program allows you to geo-reference your survey, compute grid and ground level coordinates, scale factors, convergence, standard deviations and error ellipses with one click... and provides a concise report providing confidence in the results?"

–Mark Cahill BCLS
AllTerra Land Surveying & Geomatics


"STAR*NET is an essential tool for anyone combining conventional survey measurements with GPS measurements. It is extremely simple to use and is completely reliable. Its ability to flag inconsistencies in a survey network gives me a great deal of confidence.

I am pleased to see that STAR*NET will be well supported for many years to come."

–Ted Eaton, BCLS, CLS
Eaton Land Surveying Ltd.


"STAR*NET adjustments are taught as standard practice at Renton Technical College. No field control project, whether conducted by total station, GNSS, or both, is considered done unless it is properly weighted and adjusted using STAR*NET. This has been our practice since we first got STAR*NET in the early 1990s, and it has loaded and run flawlessly on every computer we've ever put it on. Students have had the ease of learning the program and running small networks at home using the demo package."

–Martin Paquette, WA PLS
Renton, Washington


"I was considering writing an adjustment program for OIT Geomatics student use when STAR*NET became available in the late 1980's. I was impressed with the software, it was a full-featured, flexible adjustment program without the limitations of other adjustment programs. It is easy to use, and the manual is a good adjustment primer in itself. StarPlus donated the software to OIT for academic use in 1989, and provided updates at no cost, an appreciated level of industry support. Generations of OIT Geomatics graduates have learned to use STAR*NET since that time."

–Jack Walker, PLS
Department of Geomatics, Oregon Institute of Technology


"STAR*NET has been used at Newcastle University for the teaching of least squares and the analysis of observations since around 1990. I find it an excellent teaching aid, as I use it to demonstrate that the answers students obtain when doing 'hand/spreadsheet' computations using the theory and principles I teach them, are identical to those with STAR*NET if done correctly. This instills confidence in the students' learning and provides a valuable check on their answers. The simple, user-friendly interface means there is almost no time wasted in having to teach students how to use the software, plus it is not memory intensive and has negligible run-time for computations. I find STAR*NET useful since it can be used for the simplest of least squares problems and computations to illustrate principles and enhance learning, but can also be used for the analysis of larger, practical networks."

–Dr Nigel Penna
Newcastle University