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Meet Our Team

Meet MicroSurvey’s team of certified trainers. Our trainers are experienced professionals whose services can be engaged either by enrolling in one of our formal online or classroom sessions, or by contracting them on a “per day” basis to teach custom sessions online or at your office. Please call 1-800-668-3312 to make inquiries about custom training, or see the training schedule to learn about our upcoming formal classes.

(Professional) MicroSurvey Industry Professional:

Recognized as an experienced user in the industry and recommended by MicroSurvey for short, custom training services in select software.

(Qualified) Qualified MicroSurvey Trainer:

An Industry Professional who has conducted both customized and formal training in a supervised setting. Able to offer custom training services and to parts of the MicroSurvey Formal training curriculum.

(Certified) Certified MicroSurvey Trainer:

A Qualified Trainer who has taught all of a MicroSurvey formal class in a supervised setting and is endorsed by MicroSurvey to teach a MicroSurvey Formal class independently and to issue Certificates of Certification to graduates.

Contact Us

For more information please call us 1-800-668-3312.
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