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MicroSurvey Helpdesk

MicroSurvey has implemented a powerful helpdesk system to improve technical support. The helpdesk is full of valuable support information. In the Helpdesk you will find the following information and tools:

MicroSurvey Downloads and Movies:

A comprehensive list of installations and patches for MicroSurvey products including MicroSurvey CAD, inCAD, FieldGenius and more can be found in the helpdesk.

Online Training Movies for MicroSurvey Products

MapScenes Downloads and Movies:

A comprehensive list of installations and patches for MapScenes products including Capture, MapScenes and Evidence Recorder can be found in the helpdesk.

Online Training Movies for MapScenes Products

For those with a valid support contract, you can submit a support ticket. Create a support ticket now.
The helpdesk includes a comprehensive knowledge base that can be searched for quick answers to your questions or problems. Search the knowledgebase database now.
The helpdesk news section contains important notices and news about MicroSurvey.
For those who like to solve their problems on their own, you can use the built in troubleshooter. Start the troubleshooter now.

MicroSurvey User Forum

This is a place where users can ask other users questions about our products. This section is monitored only periodically by MicroSurvey staff so only post questions here if you don't need immediate answers to your questions.

For prompt answers, please use the helpdesk instead.

Hardware Support List

View our extensive list of tested data collectors, total stations, and GPS receivers. From this hardware list, you can find helpful links to relevant Helpdesk downloads and troubleshooter.

License Manager Troubleshooter and Software Registration

MicroSurvey License Manager allows users of all MicroSurvey and MapScenes desktop programs to license their product and keep their USB key up to date as new versions of the desktop program are released.

Click below to register MicroSurvey products through our online registration and activation system.
Available for all current field products, MicroSurvey CAD 2005, and MicroSurvey inCAD 2006.

MicroSurvey Live Support

In addition to these two options, MicroSurvey also uses GotoAssist to share our machines with your, or to see your computer screen. You can use Live Support only when requested to do so by our Technical Support Representatives.

MicroSurvey Training Schedule

MicroSurvey provides training for our software throughout Canada and the United States. For a complete list of upcoming training classes, visit our training section.

Found a Software Bug?  Send in a Bug Report.  We like killing bugs...

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