New Exciting Changes for MicroSurvey Desktop Software.

When you need a fully featured Desktop Survey Software Package, you now have two options for one competitive price. Every license key includes a copy MicroSurvey CAD and MicroSurvey inCAD. You can run on the included IntelliCAD 7.2 engine or run on various versions of AutoCAD®. You can have both versions installed on your machine, or you can move the key between machines with different versions installed. Our USB licensing system enables us to provide you with maximum flexibility. Want a stand-alone Autodesk® solution? Try embeddedCAD; Powered with Autodesk Technology™.

Whichever path you choose, you get complete Survey Drafting, COGO, DTM, Traversing, Volumes, Contouring and Data Collection interfacing. MicroSurvey Desktop Solutions are compatible with field data from all major total stations and data collectors.

Also on the list for strong desktop software is STAR*NET. It is the perfect tool for combining conventional, GPS and leveling data into a control network and checking the validity in a rigorous manner. The data input and interface elements make it simple to perform a Least-Squares adjustment on any type of survey, large or small.

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