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Engine & UI | Import/Export and Integration | Traverse and Coordinate Calculations | Drafting Tools

Transferring data between embeddedCAD and other applications is now easier than ever with the new import and export formats.

Attach Imagery (Bing Maps) - Instantly download and attach imagery from Bing® Maps as a raster image file. Specify the area of interest by Point ID, Current View, Lat/Long, or Street Address. Specify the image type (Aerial, Road or Hybrid), coverage area, and resolution. Align the imagery to either georeferenced or local point coordinates.

Video: Click to view

Shapefile Import - Import Esri Shapefile data into your drawing, with optional positional and/or attribute filters to control and limit exactly which features to import from often very large data sets.

Video: Click to view

JobXML Import - Import Trimble® and Spectra Precision® JobXML data files including point coordinates, GPS coordinates, and total station measurements.

Video: Click to view

Cloud Storage Support - Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and other cloud storage and synchronization services are now supported. Open and save your drawings directly in your favourite third-party cloud-synchronized folder, just the same as any other local folder. A subscription to a third-party service(s) is required, it is not provided by or through MicroSurvey in any way.

Leica DBX Import - Import Leica Codelists, and add its contents to your AutoMAP library.

Leica iCON Export - Leica iCON Export - A new Export Leica iCON command is available to export points and linework for use in a Leica iCON project.

Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation Support (Leica DBX Import) - Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation Support (Leica DBX Import) - MicroSurvey inCAD now supports importing Leica DBX projects surveyed with the new Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation.

Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation Support (FieldGenius SyncWizard Import) - MicroSurvey inCAD now supports importing MicroSurvey FieldGenius projects surveyed with the new Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation.

Pentax Import - Import Pentax DC1 Polar, Pentax DC1 Rectangular, Pentax CSV, or Pentax AUX format data files from a Pentax total station.

FieldGenius SyncWizard: Default Folder - The default FieldGenius SyncWizard Import/Export folders have been moved to My Documents\MicroSurvey\SyncWizard\ to make them more easily accessible.

Google Maps™ Support - View your points in Google Maps by clicking new Map buttons located in both the Single Point Editor and the Active Coordinate Editor.

Google Earth™ Support - Export your points and linework to a .kml or .kmz file and view them in Google Earth. encrypted raw files.

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