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FieldGenius 2010 New Features

Nautiz X7 - Support for the camera function in the new Nautiz X7 data collector. Attach photo notes to points in your FieldGenius project.  

Nautiz X7 - Support for the internal GPS is now included in the Standard version of FieldGenius - a $795 value included free! With the built-in GPS you can locate points by using the stake function, or simply navigate on the graphics screen. The internal GPS is remarkably fast to initialize, and has a very sensitive antenna.

Total Station Bluetooth Manager – Control all your Bluetooth connections for Total Station profiles directly inside FieldGenius. Bluetooth settings automatically saved in the profile. Bluetoogh Manager

Line Staking

Stake Line – Updated stake line routine. You can now stake a whole figure / dxf entity. You can also specify a station interval, and use Previous and Next advance buttons to move down the line. After you store the stake line point, you are automatically taken back to the Line Staking dialog.

Line Offset– You can now offset figures in FieldGenius. You can offset to the left, right or both and FieldGenius will compute new points and offset lines for you automatically. Line Offsets

Offset Points Offset Points – You can now compute points down individual segments, or along a whole figure. You can also switch directions now. You can select new segments, figures and DXF entities without leaving the toolbar.

Partition Lines – You can now partition segments, figures and DXF lines. You can partition by division or distance. Partition Lines

Plan Builder

Plan Builder – A new tool replaces the old Tape Measure routine.  New easier to use direction keys make it more intuitive.  You can also now choose to only store points without lines connected.  You can also draw arcs in the plan.

Resection – Improved resection routine stays minimized at the bottom of the screen while you take measurements.  Also improved error reporting about the resected position.


Export Templates

Export Templates – You can copy and paste points and figures between projects by using a new export and import template feature.  First you export the objects to a new template file. See below on how they are imported.

Import Template - You can then import the template into any project on your data collector, for example into a brand new project.

Import Templates

Improved/Updated Features

Topcon RC3  – Improved instrument control when using RC3 units.  FieldGenius will automatically determine if the RC unit should use low power or high power mode depending on environment conditions.

Topcon Internal Radios – FieldGenius now is fully compatible with the internal radios for the FC-2500, FC-200, and FC-250.

Sokkia Instruments – Improved the Bluetooth communication with Sokkia total stations to address connection issues.

Sokkia RC-PR4 – FieldGenius now supports the trigger button on the RC-Handle.

EDM Mode Button – a new EDM mode button on the instrument toolbar allows for quick access to EDM modes for your instrument.


Sokkia SRX – When staking with tracking turned on, and the instrument set to feet, the in/out/left/right distances would be out by 3.28 feet.

Archer / Leica – When using the Archer and certain Leica instruments (400 & 700 series), if the user powered off the Archer while FieldGenius was running, then later turned it back on and continued surveying, the vertical angle of the last shot could get used by FieldGenius when a new measurement was made.